Saturday, May 10, 2014

Month of Mary

I'm going to continue my brief summary of the Month of Mary book. I find it useful and interesting. I wish the compiler cited his sources, though, because some parts come directly from Saint Francs de Sales, while others clearly do not.

Day Five is about how Mary serves as a model to all religious, especially nuns. The Virgin Mary made strong resolutions, which she renewed regularly. Too often, people will make promises and later break them, or their enthusiasm and resolve weakens over time.

Day Six continues talking about Mary being the standard that all consecrated religious should follow. Her love of solitude and withdrawal from the world was particularly commendable, as it allowed her to better contemplate the beauty of her Divine Spouse.

Day Seven is about the Annunciation (when the angel visited the Virgin Mary and she agreed to become pregnant). Not only did she show great humility united with charity at this event, but she also showed a fruitful virginity which surpasses that of the angels in many ways. It was fruitful, because she was (and is) able to produce many spiritual children whom she purifies, like St. Mary Magdalene and Pope St. John Paul II. It was more excellent than that of the angels, because angels are chaste by nature, whereas Mary is commendable because she retained her purity even though she was subjected to great trials.

Day Eight is about the Visitation (when the Virgin Mary visited her pregnant cousin Elizabeth). Despite being pregnant herself, Mary undertook great pains to help others. We should imitate her in laboring for the sake of God and others, especially those who are less fortunate than ourselves. This shows great humility.

Day Nine continues talking about the Visitation. Saint Luke says Mary went "with haste to her cousin Elizabeth", and we should imitate her in her diligence. Do not delay in doing God's work, but do it with all haste! St. Luke further says that, at the Visitation, St. Elizabeth was further filled with the Holy Spirit, which teaches us that the graces of the Holy Spirit can never be granted to us in such full measure that it cannot be augmented.

Day Ten continues talking about Elizabeth being filled with the Holy Spirit, at the visit of Mary. This had three effects, which we can deduce from what Elizabeth said. First was profound humility, second was confirmation in faith, and third was a complete change of heart. This happened due to the intervention of the Virgin Mary, so we should not be afraid to ask for her intercession on our behalf.

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