Friday, May 30, 2014

How I Get My News

I like to get my news by going to a super-conservative website and a super-liberal website, with the idea that they're both going to distort the news equally.

The liberal website spends more time talking about mainstream material, while the conservative site spends more time on smaller stories which could be termed "inside baseball news". I can tell something is important, if both websites report on it. That means it's important to both ends of the spectrum.

The sites have different strategies for dealing with bad news. When the conservative site hates something, they don't bother to hide it; they start off with "this is bad news, and here's why it's bad." When the liberal site hates something, they pretend to be objective for the first half of the story, before breaking down and ranting about how it is the worst news ever.

...I'm trying to think of some news that both sites consider good, and I'm drawing a blank. Hmmm. They're more likely to agree something is bad, than they are to agree something is good. In both cases, they reserve the right to disagree on WHY something is good or bad.


Anonymous said...

You said it! God Bless, Michael.:)

Anonymous said...

I like your strategy. Incidentally, what websites exactly those are?