Friday, May 23, 2014

Gay Marriage in Oregon

In the news this week, the state of Oregon removed its ban on gay marriage.

I'm surprised that people are so surprised over this. I saw this coming three months ago, when they announced the case would go before a judge, and the attorney general decided not to defend it in court. Did anyone seriously expect the judge to rule in favor of the side without any attorneys?

The Catholics in Oregon seem unsure how to react to the news. On one hand, it's good for gay people have to have the same rights as non-gays. On the other hand, Oregon's legal definition of marriage as a contract between two individuals doesn't sync up with the Church's legal definition of marriage. (Not that the two legal definitions came close to syncing up before.)

I actually think the Catholic Church and the United States need to rewrite their marriage laws. In October, Pope Francis is meeting with the Bishops, in order to work on marriage and family issues. I'm interested in seeing what they decide on doing!


Anonymous said...

God, please help us and our world. We gotta get ourselves together,so please help us. God Bless.:)

Stephanie said...

Michael, I'd really like an answer from you to this question...
Why does the Catholic church care about gay marriage? Why are they sticking their nose's in other people's business?
Since gay marriage is against Catholic belief, the church won't perform or recognize the union.
The government isn't going to force the church to marry gay people.
What about all the Catholics practicing premarital sex, using birth control or having children out of wedlock? Are these Catholics turned away at the door? No, because the collection plate would be empty. I guess some 'sins' are more tolerable than others.
For the record I am neither Catholic or gay.

Emily in Wisconsin said...

You should really get an Instagram account!!

Tiago Paolini said...
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Tiago Paolini said...

"On one hand, it's good for gay people have to have the same rights as non-gays."

Every adult person has the same right of marrying with another adult person from the opposite gender. If gay people want to do "stuff" between them, that is their problem (of which they are accountable, BTW) but please do not call it marriage.

When Christianism talks about equality, it means that every person has the same dignity and value, it does not means that people have to do the same characteristics. As much pseudo-liberal people will hate this, the genders are not equal. Each one of them has its uniques features that complete each other, which just does not happen with a gay union.