Friday, May 2, 2014

Everything Wrong With

I'm probably not going to make an Everything Wrong With video this month. According to the vote, people would like to see an Everything Wrong With for either Creature of Kapu Cave or The Captive Curse. I guess people dislike games where Nancy Drew goes up against a creature.

So, hey, what would you mention in a video that points out the mistakes of these games?

Captive Curse:
  • Nancy has a map of the castle which accurately predicts where the monster is going to strike, but she doesn't use it until it's convenient to the plot.
  • How did Renate get this map? Your guess is as good as mine.
  • Renate wakes up when Nancy drops a pencil. A pencil.
  • Who owns the camp in the woods, anyway? We're supposed to think it belongs to the culprit, but the camp is completely inaccessible until Nancy clears away the burrs. Are you telling me the culprit magically jumped over the wall of burrs every single time?
  • Nancy finds the real necklace, by digging in the spot on the legend page. At the end, the book's introduction says the legend pages are fictional. So...why do they lead to real historical items?
  • If the culprit's plan was to kill Nancy all along, why not kill Nancy from the get-go?
  • Karl: "The monster! It has gotten through the gates! This has never happened before!" You mean the wide-open gates that anyone can get through? Have you thought about closing them? Seriously, Karl, how do you protect yourself from peasant uprisings?

Creature of Kapu Cave
  • There is no creature at Kapu Cave.
  • Actually, Kapu Cave is completely irrelevant to the game until the final ten minutes, when it suddenly turns into an Indiana Jones temple.
  • I can't tell if Joe Hardy is supposed to look like a troll, or if he's secretly a balding 50-year-old.
  • Frass jars.
  • Big Island Mike.
  • Johnny Kuto subplot that goes nowhere.
  • Quigley's mysterious phone number subplot that goes nowhere.
  • Quigley's camp is destroyed, but pretty much everything is intact except for three items. It's almost like the culprit purposely decided to only take the things which would result in puzzles.
  • Really? [Character] tore off the first page of Quigley's notes, then put them in his pocket? Why? WHY?
  • The game forces you to listen to the Hardy Boy's lengthy speech about Three Finger Rock two times in a row.


LGelevator said...

Captive Curse:
-Nancy drops the culprit down a trap door, so why can't the culprit go out the same way Nancy did?

Kapu Cave:
-Ending narration says nothing about what happens to the characters.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed The Captive Curse but It seemed really short. I was hoping the story of the monster would be elaborate and have some "truth" to it. Example: girls from 100s of years ago REALLY did go missing. Also the necklace should have had a better historical significance. I enjoy games with more elaborate stories and plot lines.

Nigel said...

I love this. Finally you decide to bag on Nancy Drew games! Especially the newer ones. Keep going :)

Anonymous said...

To answer some of you questions:

Captive Curse:
There was a trap door at the campsite leading to the maze thingy. I suspect it was the culprit's hideout.

Kapu Cave:
[Character] took the page because they thought it contained something that proved that Kim was a spy and meddling in the [Character]'s affairs.

Katie Nelson said...

@Anon at 8:49: Actually the door to the maze (correct term being the secret passages) was at a certain place in the forest, it was not AT the campsite, although it was in the forest, it was not AT the campsite. Also, [Character] should look before [Character] acts, especially considering that Frass jars have NOTHING to prove that she's spying on [Character's Thing]. I will admit, there are people who would hide information on spy stuff in a frass jar sheet, but it's highly unlikely that Ms. Nasely Voice Pants would be smart enough to do that.(8P) I like to think that [Character] ripped the page because [Character] thought of it being spy stuff because [Character] has a bad [Thing].
@LGelevator : THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT FOR THE CAPTIVE CURSE!!! XD. Actually, it does sort of say what happened to Pua and Big Island Mike, but other than that your right...