Saturday, April 12, 2014

Worst of Blackmoor Manor, Chapter 24

Here is Chapter 24 of my parody story, Nancy Drew: Worst of Blackmoor Manor. Today, Nancy finds the treasure!


Nancy went all the way through the hidden passageways, including the dreaded maze puzzle, for what she hoped was the last time. The pipes were in place and the forge was lit. Now all she had to do was forge something.

It didn't take too long for Nancy to realize she made a mistake somewhere. The forge was lit, but there was no air going to it.

"ARGH!" Nancy cried. "Who builds a huge metal forge underneath their house, anyway? Didn't anyone realize this is a fire hazard?!"

Fortunately, getting air to the forge would not require Nancy to go very far. In one of the corners of the room was a raised area with a puzzle. The puzzle allowed Nancy to move an Aelous character in various directions, in order to capture winds.

The puzzle was directly connected to a real-life statue of Aelous, inside the forge. Nancy thought this was unnecessarily complicated. The puzzle was a bit complicated, too; whenever Nancy moved Aelous, the winds changed positions, making it hard for her to capture them. In order to get around this, she pressed the wind tiles against the board, so they couldn't move. She quickly got all the winds in place after that.

"Okay, now the forge is working," Nancy said. She took a final look at the book, which told her that she had to make a key with the forge, in order to unlock the area with the Penvellyn family treasure. The key had to be made in a very special formation, which was based on the book and Jane's room and the various Penvellyn coats of arms.

Instead of doing the puzzle properly, Nancy scoffed. "The goal of all these puzzles was to make a key? What a waste! I'm a master lockpicker!"

Nancy took out her lockpicking kit and fiddled with the lock on the wall. The lock sprung open, and Nancy was able to look inside the small alcove to see the famous Penvellyn treasure. This was it! She had been working for days, trying to get this treasure, so she could sell it online and make enough money to afford a plane ticket back home. The treasure, protected for over 600 years, was finally going to be revealed!

...It was a rock.


Anonymous said...

Sell an heirloom online? You fail Nancy Drew...

Good job Michael! :)

Shainnen Somerville said...

I think all your parody's are amazing. You should definitely make one for Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes, I think that might be hilarious. Having the point of view of Nancy being clumsy in jail or even the conversations with Deirdre being rude will be hysterical.