Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Worst of Blackmoor Manor, Chapter 23

Here is Chapter 23 of my parody story, Nancy Drew: Worst of Blackmoor Manor. Today, Nancy lights the forge.


Nancy put the crank in Penny's machine and wound it up. Before the game started, Nancy had the opportunity to select symbols.

"Hey, those are the symbols I saw on the wall in Brigitte's room!" Nancy said. "That puzzle wasn't a huge waste of time after all!"

Nancy pressed the symbols in the proper order. A small patch on the top of the machine flipped over, revealing a key.

"Ah, I know what this is," Nancy said. "I need to win this game of Go Fish, in order to get the key from her!"

The machine moved rather slowly, to the point that it would probably take three minutes, minimum, to play a complete game. Nancy decided that was too long for her, so she reached over and grabbed the key.

"That's the last one!" she said. "Now for the pillars."

The six keys opened up the six pillars in the Great Hall. Each pillar had a movable pipe inside. Nancy correctly guessed that she needed to rotate the pipes, so they all connected. The book said that this would allow the passage of oil to the forge.

Really, couldn't I have taken some oil down to the forge myself? That would have been SOOO much simpler than this, Nancy thought.

But of course, getting the pipes in place wasn't the end of the puzzle. Corbin Penvellyn set up a puzzle, which decreed that you had to tap all three gargoyles on the forehead with Mercury's wand, then tap the forge to light it.

Nancy had to search for the three gargoyles. One was downstairs, near the hidden slide. Another one was inside the room with the burping dragon. The final gargoyle was guarding the entrance to the secret passageway by Linda's room. Whenever Nancy tapped the wand to a gargoyle, its eyes glowed. She tapped all three gargoyles, and nothing happened.

"Shoot. It's a timed challenge," Nancy said.

She then started sprinting all over the manor, in hopes of touching all three gargoyles within the ten second limit. Seeing as the route required her to run up a flight of stairs and down again, this was basically impossible. She collapsed with exhaustion after the twelfth attempt. ""

It never occurred to Nancy that she should try going to the gargoyles by another route.

Eventually, when she was all rested, Nancy went down to the Great Hall and stopped at the pipe in the floor. She lit a match and dropped it down the pipe.

"There, now the forge is lit," she said.

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