Thursday, April 10, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. Bowling has ended for the year. My team ended up in third place (of six) overall, which is pretty good considering we only had two members for the majority of the season.

2. Here's an old article by author Kekla Magoon, on how it is unrealistic for authors to write a book a year (or more). This is hilarious ironic, because she became the Nancy Drew author, not long after this. Good luck writing four books a year, Kekla!

3. I looked into Passionfruit Games, the company made up of employees that got fired from Her Interactive when the Nancy Drew Dossier series got cancelled. They made two romance games, and they were purchased by a different company in 2011. The last time anyone heard from them was 2012, when their games were ported to the iPad.


Shainnen Somerville said...

It's such a shame, because they were amazing at their prime with Her Interactive. It just goes to show you the little things in life, and where people may usually go after you get the experience you need. HeR needs to hire them back and should just convert the Dossier series onto the iPad instead of computer platform. That I think might do very well for them, if the series didn't do so well on PC.

Madinthehat said...

I personally loved the dossier games. They were much easier but they had a very good plot especially the last one with a choose your own ending style.

Emily in Wisconsin said...

I really enjoyed how you got to choose the culprit