Friday, April 4, 2014


This week, Days of our Lives became the first soap opera to feature a gay marriage. I've been watching Days of our Lives and General Hospital for over a year at this point; both shows have been running a few gay plotlines.

At times, the writers have tried to create drama/tension about being gay. Usually, this means they have a big confrontation between a gay character and a non-gay character. The problem is that the writers have no idea how to correctly write a scene like that. That's mainly because soap opera confrontation scenes are over-the-top, in general. When you apply it to gay drama, you end up with scenes where the gay characters hate all straight people, and the straight characters hate all gay people. Nobody looks good in those scenes, where both sides are spewing hatred against each other.

In particular, I'm thinking of Lucas' second scene, on General Hospital. Lucas is a full-grown man, and he met his father for the first time. Derek asked for some time to get used to the idea, and Lucas started yelling and screaming at him, for being a gay-hating demon.

Dude, Lucas, calm down. Derek has never met you before, remember? Frankly, I would be shocked if someone didn't need time, after learning they have a previously-unknown full-grown son. Maybe you should bring up the gay issue in your second conversation with him, not your first.

Anyway, good luck to our first married gay soap opera couple. I hope someone warned them that they're on a soap opera, so their marriage isn't going to last that long. The record for most soap opera marriages is around 14, depending on whether or not you count repeat marriages (i.e. marrying the same person multiple times).

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Sounds like a diaster. God Bless.:)