Friday, April 25, 2014

National Popular Vote

In the news last week, the state of New York signed the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. I haven't heard about this before; it's an attempt to change how our country elects the President of the United States.

The proposed new system follows the "winner takes all" rule. The candidate that gets the most votes becomes President. Votes are not split up by state, like they are now.

I like this system because it's simpler, and because I dislike how the current system makes 70% of the country irrelevant during Presidential elections. Other people like the proposed system, because it avoids a situation like the one that occurred in 2000, where George Bush became President, even though more people voted for Al Gore.

In order for the new system to go into effect, they need 270 state votes in the electoral college. They are currently at 165. So there's still quite a way to go.

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Mr Spartan said...

The population of the U.S. is not supposed to elect the President of the United STATES of America. The STATES that created the USA are. (In fact, not every State even CONDUCTED statewide popular elections for President during our first 50 years as a nation!

Each State today casts a number of votes for President that is equal to the number of representatives it has in total in Congress - a representation system that NO AMERICAN has disagreed with, EVER.

The NPV Compact changes each State to a LOSER-Take-All State every time State voters disagree with the national vote. How DUMB is that?!

The NPV continues the progressive march to make our States more and more relevant in American governance. Our Constitution states (in the "Enumeration Clause") that the federal government has ONLY those powers that are written in the Constitution, while the STATES have UNLIMITED powers, except for those transferred to the feds. "The federal government powers are few and limited. The State governments powers are many and unlimited."

NPV seeks to destroy that relationship.

The National Popular Vote Compact is a horrible public policy and radically weakens the American Federation of States.