Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nancy Drew Marathon Plans

Q: By the way, I have a random question for you: Will you be playing Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill Remastered next weekend? It originally released on August 2010, right in between Trail of the Twister (June 2010) and Shadow at the Waters Edge (October 2010) and I was just wondering on that weekend, are you going to play those 3 games on Saturday? I want to mark my calender for that day.

A: Since Nancy Drew Dossier #1 has two release dates (one for the online download, one for the physical copy), I got to play around a bit with the lineup. Here's the final schedule:

April 5: Nancy Drew #20, Dossier #1

April 12: Nancy Drew #21, Dossier #2

April 19: Nancy Drew #22

April 26: Nancy Drew #23, Secrets Can Kill Remastered

May 3: Nancy Drew #24, Nancy Drew #25

I'm only doing one game on April 19, because that's Holy Saturday, and I'm technically on vacation. Also, I don't want to play Shadow at the Water's Edge and Captive Curse back-to-back, since I did that last year. My girlfriend will be around for the playthrough on April 19, though, so you can look forward to seeing us play the game together!


Anonymous said...

Cool! God Bless you.:)

Shainnen Somerville said...

Sometimes I think your way too awesome to be answering my questions. Thank you so much for clarifying the schedule for the Mega Marathon.