Friday, April 11, 2014

Nancy Drew Book Reviews

On the docket for Nancy Drew book reviews, I have these books:

Nancy Drew 155: The Mystery In Tornado Alley
Nancy Drew 2: The Hidden Staircase (1930)
Nancy Drew 143: Mystery on Maui
Nancy Drew Notebooks 23: Alien in the Classroom

There will be a special bonus video, after The Hidden Staircase. I know I promised to review that book a few months ago, but it took me a while to get around to it. Why? It's the racist Nancy Drew book, and I've been reluctant to describe its treatment of blacks and Jews.

Books 155 and 143 are the original versions of Trail of the Twister and Creature of Kapu Cave, respectively. To be honest, Mystery on Maui has almost nothing in common with Creature of Kapu Cave. They both take place in Hawaii, and they both have surfers in them. Those are all the similarities they have with each other.


Emily in Wisconsin said...

I remember reading the old version of The Hidden Staircase. It is not racist for that time.

Miss. Cellaneous said...

Is the "special video" of "Brother Against Brother", by chance?