Sunday, April 13, 2014

Letter of Peter to James

My latest Greek translation project was The Letter of Peter to James, which starts off the Clementine Homilies. The letter itself is a forgery; it's basically a religious fanfiction of what Saint Peter might have written to Saint James at one point.

Paragraph 2 (of 3) was the most interesting one. Peter complains that certain people are purposely twisting his words, to make it seem like he's trying to destroy church laws. It reminded me of Pope Francis, actually. A lot of people have been purposely misrepresenting the things he says, to make it seem like he supports their specific agendas. Here is my translation:

If it is not done in this way, our word of truth will be divided among many opinions. I know this, not because I am a prophet, but because I already see the beginning of this evil. For some of the Gentiles rejected the ordinances proclaimed by me, clinging to some lawless and foolish teaching of the enemy of man. And some attempt to do this while I am still around; with subtle changes they transform my words to destroy the law, as if I intended to erase laws but was not free to say so. I wish whoever does this would give up! For such a thing is contrary to the eternal and everlasting law of God, proclaimed to Moses and confirmed by our Lord, who says "Heaven and Earth will pass away, but not a single stroke or dot from the law will pass away." (This is a combination of Matthew 24:35 and Matthew 5:17-18). And he said this "in order that all things may come into being".
I do not know how, but these men falsely proclaim my thoughts, which they heard from my words; when I say something, they attempt to interpret it in a more positive fashion, saying to their catechumens that I believe something which I was not conscious of. And if they have the boldness to tell such lies against me, while I am still alive, indeed, how much more will they attack my successors, after I die?

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Anonymous said...

That is so true. Thanks for putting it out there!:) People need to understand that either what they support is right or wrong with God. And not be afraid to stand up for what is right. And also not be afraid to call a sin, "a sin." God Bless ya.:)