Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Giving Assent to Marriage

Here are some more things that make marriage impossible, according to Catholic law. These all deal with a person incorrectly giving assent.
  • One partner doesn't want to get married.
  • One partner is forced into marriage, especially due to violence or fear.
  • One partner has no idea that sex is a part of married life.
  • One partner tricks the other partner into marriage.
  • The marriage is subject to a condition about the future.
  • One partner has insufficient reason or is unable to make sound judgments, due to a disability or some other reason.
  • There is a mistake, when someone files to be married by proxy.
  • The marriage is done through an untrustworthy interpreter.
80% of all the annulments in the United States of America are due to one of the above reasons (or one of the laws that I left out of my recap). 14% of the annulments are due to a defect of form (Source). "Defect of form" means there is a problem with the way the marriage ceremony is conducted. For example, the priest is acting outside his jurisdiction or the couple uses the wrong vows.

Law 1095 §3 says that a marriage doesn't take place if one partner is "not able to assume the essential obligations of marriage for causes of a psychic nature." I have no idea what this means.

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