Saturday, March 15, 2014

YouTube Annoyances

YouTube is getting really annoying lately.  It keeps automatically kicking Arglefumph off of Youtube, and replacing him with a Gmail address.  Which wouldn't be so bad, but all my videos are on the Arglefumph account.  I constantly have to tell Youtube that I am logging on as Arglefumph the Youtube User.

(Not Arglefumph the Google+ User, or Michael the Real Person.)

Do any of you readers have a workaround for this? I don't understand the "settings" page, because it's all Google+ stuff, and I stay away from that.


Anonymous said...

whenever I log onto youtube i have choose my old identity or my email, and it's quite annoying - you click the blue square icon next to the name you're using in the upper right hand corner and "Switch account" from the drop-down menu - not sure if that what you're doing, or if maybe you're account is slightly different b/c you have hundreds of videos to be wary of

Elentarien said...

Sorry, Really wish I could help, but I'm in the same boat. Its always wanting me to use my real name. . .which would be fine if I was putting up personal videos for friends or family. (And I might still do that with the rest of my personal ones) but for my 'other' ones its just plain irritating to have to constantly switch to the right identity. They don't make any good way to move those videos between identities, either, to make it worse.

Whats also frustrating? Finding you have not one, but THREE identities you didn't create and no way to remove the 'empty' ones you don't want. (They say there is, but I dumped it and its still there going strong. Somehow it has the same name as my 'main' one too, so I ended up giving it its own icon so I could tell which was which - and I STILL log on to find that one is active. -sigh-)

Anonymous said...

Youtube is worse than ever: now on top of everything, it's impossible to sort through your videos by date of upload, because the stupid "load more" button doesn't work.
So we can only see whatever videos appear on the first page of wherever we are (videos, playlists, ...)

It's driving me crazy. Is there any chance you could post HERE NOT THERE a list of all your videos with direct links, since it's impossible to browse through them ourselves on that awful Youtube site?

Take care :)

Anonymous said...

Same anon again: I downloaded another browser (Comodo Dragon instead of my usual Firefox) and the "load more" button now works.

It also appears that you have posted A LOT of videos, so nevermind my request to post a list of them, that would ake you for ever :p