Monday, March 31, 2014

Worst of Blackmoor Manor, Chapter 21

Here is Chapter 21 of my parody story, Nancy Drew: Worst of Blackmoor Manor. Today, Nancy solves the well puzzles.


Nancy was proud of the progress she was making. The book said that the next pillar key was hidden by John Penvellyn, who built a frog puzzle on top of Thomas' underground well puzzle.

"My life is unnecessarily complicated," Nancy complained, as she reentered the hidden passageways of Blackmoor Manor. By now, it felt like she had been spending an eternity solving the puzzles surrounding the Penvellyn Family Forge. She kind of wished she could go back to investigating why Linda was turning into a werewolf.

The underground well was near the entrance to the horrific maze. On the door of the well was a box with a triangle puzzle. Nancy had to move triangles around three different-sized cups, until one cup had four triangles in it.

"Oh, I hate these kinds of puzzles," Nancy said, referring to the kind of puzzle that forced her to think. She started pressing the three buttons randomly, and after about five minutes, she stumbled upon the solution by chance.

Nancy did a happy dance, then went upstairs for the second half of the puzzle. Now that the well was full, she could use the hose in the conservatory to solve the frog puzzle.

The hose ended up being a spray hose. Nancy picked it up and started spraying everywhere.

"Whee! This is fun!" Nancy said. "I'm making rainbows!"

"My dear child!" Mrs. Drake said angrily. "You should not spray the hose haphazardly like that! You're getting water all over the-"

Mrs. Drake was cut off when Nancy blasted her with the hose. She screamed and ran upstairs to get a towel.

Once she was finished having fun, Nancy focused her attention on the frog mural. When she sprayed a tile next to the frog, the frog jumped to that tile. The book said she had to find a safe passageway for the frog to reach the princess on the left-hand side. The clue said to avoid the tiles next to the boat, the trees and the lily pads.

"So...I need to avoid all of the tiles? That doesn't make sense," Nancy noted.

She played the puzzle a few times, but every time she did, she got eaten by the randomly-appearing alligators of doom. Eventually, Nancy got mad and sprayed the entire board at once. That caused the game to mess up, and it automatically gave her the endgame reward: the helmet key. That is, one of the frog statues opened its mouth, and it spit the key out onto the floor.

"Ew," Nancy said.

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