Saturday, March 22, 2014

Worst of Blackmoor Manor, Chapter 20

Here is Chapter 20 of my parody story, Nancy Drew: Worst of Blackmoor Manor. Today, Nancy solves the Mercury Statue puzzle.


The next set of puzzles that Nancy had to solve were from Elinor Penvellyn, the woman who was rumored to be a witch. Her section of the book explained that the strange ghostly bells that were heard during her lifetime were actually part of a security system she built into the manor. It allowed someone to spy in the library, by using the device in the hidden passageway.

Needless to say, Nancy had no idea what Elinor was talking about.

Nancy headed back to the hidden passageway behind the gargoyle. On the main floor level, she saw the side passageway in question. Nancy went through it, and she saw an odd statue. It's hands pointed out at her, and there was a peep hole.

Nancy checked the peep hole. As promised, it let her see into the library. She couldn't see anything interesting, besides the statue of Mercury in the corner. She double-checked the book.

"If I press fingers on the left hand, the statue changes direction," Nancy said. "And if I press fingers on the right hand, the eyes of the statue change direction."

Nancy tested it out, while looking in the peephole. She could see the statue rotating, but she was too far away to see the eyes move.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHH! EVIL MOVING STATUE!" a voice shouted from above.

"Either Jane has been sucking in helium to make her voice high-pitched, or that's Nigel," Nancy decided.

"MUUUMMMMY! I NEED MY MUMMY! PLEASE HELP ME!" Nigel screamed. Through the peephole, Nancy saw Nigel run away from his desk, towards the door. He accidentally ran into the door and fell down.

"THE STATUE HAS CURSED ME FOR LEARNING TOO MUCH ABOUT THE PENVELLYN SECRETS!" Nigel shouted. He got up, opened the door, then ran away, hooting like a howler monkey.

"Heh heh, awesome," Nancy said.

She made her way back to the library. The statue was facing towards the peephole, so she could easily take the wand key in Mercury's hand.

When she reached for it, she found it was stuck. "Huh? Leggo, Mercury!"

Eventually, she realized she couldn't take the wand, because Mercury's eyes were looking down at her. She had to go all the way back to the hidden room and try a different finger. This time, she pressed the finger which made Mercury's eyes face left.

Nancy had to go back and forth between the library and the hidden room, in her quest to figure out which finger made his eyes turn upwards. After the fifth trip, she got frustrated and picked up a heavy book. She used it to break the arm off of the statue.

Picking the wand from the crumbled statue remains, Nancy said, "Hooray! That's the fourth pillar key! I only have to find two more!"

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Anonymous said...

Uggghh I hated walking back and forth. Why can't there be a trap door that leads directly into the Library so you don't have to walk for 45 minutes? That would have been very helpful.