Thursday, March 20, 2014

Worst of Blackmoor Manor, Chapter 19

Here is Chapter 19 of my parody story, Nancy Drew: Worst of Blackmoor Manor. Today, Nancy solves Jane's door puzzle.


Nancy skipped ahead in the book, to the next Penvellyn. Charles said that each of the pillars in the main hall could be opened by a specific key. Someone with all the keys could open the pillars. That sounded like a surefire way to destroy the pillars and make the ceiling collapse on her, so Nancy skipped to the next page.

Charles' other main accomplishment was creating the tapestry in Jane's room. He said the poem written on the tapestry was connected to the door.

"The biggest achievement in this guy's life was knitting?" Nancy wondered. "Glad I didn't live in the 1400's. It sounds boring."

Nancy headed to Jane's room. To the right of the door was a lock, which required a key. Fortunately, Nancy had the correct key. She stuck it in the lock, and...

"It's stuck?!" Nancy cried.

Nancy took a closer look at the keyhole, grumbling the entire time. Clearly, the keyhole was badly-made, if it didn't work after 600 years. Fortunately, the keyhole wasn't missing any parts; the parts were just old and refused to move. Some liquid would probably loosen them up.

Since Nancy didn't have any WD-40 with her, she hawked up some fluid and spit in the keyhole. That got it to work perfectly.

When I tell other people about this puzzle, I'll say I used butter that I got from dinner, Nancy decided to herself. Oh, and I'll make it seem like ordering food was a puzzle! That way, I'll look like a smart detective!

When she used the key, a staircase popped out, so she could reach the tiles above Jane's door. It was a slider puzzle, and Nancy could see that she needed to move the tiles around so they were in the order indicated by the tapestry.

"Forget slider puzzles!" Nancy said.

Instead of sliding the pieces into place, Nancy ripped the tiles off of the wall, then put them where they belonged. It was very simple.

When I tell people about this, I'm going to pretend it was a ridiculously hard slider puzzle, Nancy decided.

Solving the puzzle opened up a small compartment. Inside was a lightning bolt key, for one of the pillars in the main hall.

"Hooray!" Nancy said. "Only three more pillar keys to go!"

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome. I always wondered why Nancy didn't just rip the tiles out of the wall to begin with. Now I know the real truth. :D