Saturday, March 1, 2014

Video Recording Plans

This week, I said I would alternate between Nancy Drew and Phoenix Wright videos until one or the other series is done.  I'm taking that back, because jeez, Phoenix Wright Case 2 was exhausting and long.

So, this upcoming week, I'll just do Nancy Drew projects.  Two book reviews, one movie, and maybe a speedrun of Danger on Deception Island.  It should be fun!

Behind the scenes, I might prep for a speedrun of Secret of Shadow Ranch.  I outlined a speedrun for Day One, and things fell apart for me, when I got the glitch on Day Two, where the game doesn't progress.  I eventually fixed things and got to Day Three, which is pretty straightforward in terms of what to do.  Did you know it's possible to skip the bead puzzle at Mary Yazzie's on Day Three of that game?

Most likely, though, I will purchase Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall (iPad) on Tuesday and completely lose track of everything else.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for GTH for iPad!

Are you not doing games for the marathon today?

Sammy said...

Did you know that with the magnant puzzle under the rock if you click on it then back away like 5 times, then the boards in front of the puzzle goes away. -Samantha

Cecilé said...

Wait, what? The bead puzzle can be skipped?! Isn't that an essential puzzle to do in order to get the coloured beads to sew Frances's favourite flower? How do you get the beads then if Mary's puzzle can be skipped?

Miss. Cellaneous said...

The first time we played the game, my brother and I got stuck ALOT, so we used a walkthrough,and just skipped to where we thought we were, not knowing that the walkthrough did things in a different order than we had. Because of that, we ended up skipping the ring puzzle AND the bead puzzle by mistake. Game wasn't really affected.

bug2506 said...

Im so excited for The Ghost of Thorton Hall to come to IPad. Are you gonna do a walkthrough for it? I really hope you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!