Thursday, March 13, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. I prefer it, when news websites have the story written out in text, below the video. That way, I can skim the text and see if the story is actually interesting. Otherwise, I'm forced to watch a minute of commercials before learning that, oops, the news story has a deliberately misleading title!

2. So...Frozen says that only true love can undo the ice spell.  Since nobody can undo the spell, does that mean nobody in the kingdom truly loves someone else? Because that's sad.

Also, Princess Anna had the ice spell get into her hair, when she was a little kid.  Since it was never undone, I can only presume that her parents and sister never loved her. If they did, it would have ended the spell.

3. Hey, it's springtime now!  Thank goodness. I didn't like winter this year.


Shainnen Somerville said...

Yay, Spring is here. The fresh flowers are blooming in the air and the bees are buzzing their pollen out. People's allergies are on the rise. And what does that mean?

1. Sneezing
2. Sneezing
and of course
3. Watch out for those bees.


GameOverTown said...

It just snowed 20cm here. I have doubts that it really is springtime.

Elentarien said...

Its pre-spring here. Means our 3-5 feet of snow is melting, melting, melting. . .and everything is muddy and goopy, and you see the odd fly venturing out on the warmer sunny days. . .and not much else. Hopefully it will also mean the return of the bluebirds and crocus soon, though! (Crocuses? Croci? Crocusi? Whoever thought that 'croak-us' was a good name for a flower, anyway?!)

As for Frozen. . .I *THINK* the point was that it did not have to be 'romantic' love to break the spell. It had more to do with true love = real love. HER loving someone more than herself that counted. Which. . .actually was a good lesson. Its not whether someone loves you thats as important, its how much you really love others thats your business. Or something like that. (Although, that doesn't quite work either. Since it is important if you are loved, and know it. But again, it doesn't have to be any sort of romantic love thats the important one. Thats nice, but not 'necessary' to one's well being.)

It was sort of a better lesson than the whole 'true love's kiss' thing that they used to do.

I think the original frost spell was in her head, and could be broken easier by 'simpler' methods. (If one can call messing with someone's memories simple. I mean. . .what?) But when she was hit the second time, it was her heart, hence the whole complication. I think the first time would have been as serious, if it had hit somewhere other than the head.

Just a guess, anyway. Sorry if any of that is unclear. I am feverish, and having trouble focusing enough to figure out what I am trying to mean. :P

Anonymous said...

Michael, if you get 'Chrome adblock plus' from the google chrome app store (it's free) for your computer, google chrome will never have another advert!

I use it, and I have NO commercials on any webpage, NO commercials before a video, or to the side of it.

You're welcome.

Izzy Narnia said...

So true, Michael. So true.
It did have a little twist at the end of the movie.

Sammy said...

I wish it was spring here in Michigan. We had 50 degree weather on Tuesday, and then yesterday it was -13, not to mention we had a blizzard bringing us another foot of snow. We had a total of 103 inches of snow so far this winter. I think Disney went a little crazy on their advertising... -Samantha

Anonymous said...

Love ... and someone who can actually wield ice magic.

LGelevator said...

I'll try and address #2 (Spoiler Warning):
-Grand Pabbie said only an act of true love could undo an ice spell to the heart. From there, Anna was taken straight to the castle to find Hans, but after he locked her inside, he told everyone that she was dead, so of course no one else could do anything. Even after getting out, Anna's course was set on finding Kristoff, and she diverted from that immediately to stop Hans from executing Elsa. So there was also no time for anyone else to break the spell.
-The reason the ice spell in her hair never went away was because that spell had struck her head, which Grand Pabbie was able to fix through magic and did not require an act of true love to undo. So no problem there.

Anonymous said...

For number 1, there are actually various news sites that have text before videos, which will make all your concerns go away.