Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Strange Bedfellows

I like hockey, but I don't like how violent the players get, or the constant fighting which sometimes erupts.  For example, my local team has had over 50 fights this season.  I want to support my team and the sport in general, but I can't do that without supporting certain people/behaviors I disapprove of.  Is it worth putting up with these people, or should I stop supporting the sport all together?

Or with bowling. I like bowling, I like my bowling league, and I like the people in it.  But being in my league directly benefits the owner of the bowling alley, and I dislike his policies.  Especially his decision to never spend any money repairing the building (which includes purchasing doors for the bathroom stalls) and working his employees just under the legal limit, so they don't count as full-time employees with benefits.  Is it worth supporting the alley, when it's owned by an immoral man?

Or, to use an example which made major news last week, there are some religious freedom groups in existence. I like religious freedom, and I want to support it. However, some people in these groups are transparently bad, and they do things I disapprove of.  Is it worth putting up with these people, to support a cause I believe in?  Or do those few bad apples spoil the entire bunch?

Of course, almost any sizeable group is going to have bad people in it. That doesn't mean I shouldn't support groups. I just wish there was a better way to weed out the people/things I don't like, from the things I do like.

On a similar note, my girlfriend says most Americans dislike the US Congress in general, but they love their particular congressmen/senators.  That's why there is such a low turnover rate with the government, even though the government consistently has incredibly low approval ratings.  She says it's like hating your hand, but liking a particular finger.

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Anonymous said...

I would try to find another bowling alley with doors in the bathroom.