Saturday, March 29, 2014

Nancy Drew Movies

Warner Brothers made a series of four Nancy Drew movies around the late 1930s. I believe they filmed all the movies at the same time.

The movies were seen as notoriously bad, and nobody wanted to buy them. The only way Warner Brothers could sell the films was to attach them to more popular films. Theaters complained, and they eventually made a law against selling movies to theaters in combined packages.

(I would not object to similar laws in our modern age. I'm tired of being forced to buy the DVD and the Blu-Ray version of a movie, because they don't sell DVDs separately.)

Of the four movies, Nancy Drew Reporter is public domain. There is no question about this; it can be easily found on public domain sites. The legality of the other three movies is unknown to me. It seems weird that they would let the copyright slip on one movie, but not the other three.

Nancy Drew Reporter is included in the Shirley Temple & Friends DVD box set. It has nothing to do with Shirley Temple; they just tacked it onto the set because it's free to use, and more content justifies the higher price point. It's ironic that the film which created a law against packing movies is still being used to package movies.

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Anonymous said...

You can still find most movies just as the DVD, I know Disney is still releasing their films as Blu-Ray packages and just separate DVDs. I think they're trying to entice people to buy Blu-Ray players by throwing in digital copies and DVDs in there, but I don't think it's working too well because of the economy and most people just watch movies on Netflix or elsewhere online. I really dislike how Blu-Ray looks, and I either buy just the DVD or I'll buy a VHS copy (obviously of older movies) and Goodwill stores and my library still sell videotapes for $1. I'm surprised more people aren't as cheap as me (maybe I'm just outdated and everyone's using Netflix).