Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nancy Drew Marathon Videos

Here are the latest videos from the marathon. Would you prefer it if I cut these videos into one hour slices?  That would really cut down on time it takes to edit/upload them.

Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock

Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

This week on Saturday, I tackle the next two games: Danger by Design and Creature of Kapu Cave.


Shainnen Somerville said...

Whatever works best for you Michael. If it's too much work to edit them, then you should try and cut them in half. Or how many hours you actually play the game :)

bug2506 said...

If it makes it easier to edit and load the videos into hour long segments then you should.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, smaller segments are better, I think.

Kara Scimecca said...

I like your longer videos because I like watching the whole game at once and not have to worry about videos ending

Anonymous said...

I like the full video better. I'd rather wait a few days for one video than wait one day for the first part, then another day for the second part, and then yet another day for the third part.

But if it makes it easier for you, then split them up. Your call, really; just thought I'd say why I prefer the full videos.