Sunday, March 9, 2014

Minor Followup

To follow up on yesterday's blog post, I'm Catholic.  Generally speaking, that means it's a bit silly to ask me to ask me to talk about religious topics, without referring to the Bible.  That's like asking a baseball player to avoid talking about football; nine times out of ten, he wasn't going to do that anyway.

After all, we're the group that gets accused of never reading the Bible.  If I had to guess what percentage of people in my particular church have never read part of the Bible on their own, I'd comment.

As for the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, my most concrete reason for believing in it as a fact of history, and not as a glorified myth, comes from a strong personal encounter with the resurrected Jesus. I don't usually talk about this experience, because it's somewhat complicated to explain.  Let's just say that it is related to my decision to become a priest and leave it at that.

And since people keep asking, the answer is "no, I am no longer in training to become a priest."  That's another complicated story, in that I heard different things from different people, while leaving the program.  I guess some people want me back as a seminarian, while others are glad I'm gone.


Anonymous said...

what are you doing now if you arent a priset anymore?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you read the Bible?