Sunday, March 23, 2014

Frozen Again

Sorry for harassing y'all about Frozen the other day. I was just prepping some jokes for my White Wolf of Icicle Creek playthough--the game has a girl named Elsa in it--and I wanted to test them out on you.
  • It's kind of unfair that Elsa is born with cool superpowers, but her sister Anna isn't. Poor Anna.
  • Anna gets hit with two ice spells in the movie. Both spells come from Elsa, they both have the effect of making Anna's hair turn white, and they are both reversed by the same event. I maintain that they are the same basic spell, which had slightly different effects because they hit her in different places (her head and her heart). Other people believe the two ice spells are completely different. I admit I could be wrong; both scenarios are possible.
  • Everyone in the movie assumes that Elsa is the only one who can stop the winter storm, because she's the one who started it. That's logical, but not necessarily true. It could be the case that someone else can stop the storm, or it could be the case that Elsa's powers are limited to starting storms, not stopping them. Since Grandpa Troll says Anna's curse can be undone, completely independent of Elsa, I am inclined to think that Elsa's other winter curses can be undone independently of her.
  • How long does Elsa's winter storm last in the movie?  It could be a day, it could be more. I still say they should have tried waiting out the winter storm, before presuming the snow can't melt on its own. Olaf is capable of melting, you know. Why presume all the other snow is incapable of melting?
  • I am sure that Elsa did cool, interesting things offscreen. At the very least, she must have stopped to eat something at one point. Maybe it was a snowcone.
If you watch my video, you'll see that I make fun of myself for being skeptical about the movie, because I found it entertaining to be skeptical about my skepticism. ("Snowmen can talk, but not reindeer?! WHAT?")

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Anonymous said...

I assume all the snow was capable of melting, but Olaf was exposed to direct heat. Elsa didn't just make some snow, she froze arendelle. She changed the weather itself. There was no way for it to melt because the atmosphere itself was transformed.

Why would they try to wait out the storm? It's... Kind of a big deal. No one was prepared, and though they were distributing warm blankets and things, that was probably not at all sufficient. Not to mention their crops might now be ruined. The problem I think you should be focusing on is why everyone assumes killing Elsa will un do the curse. I suppose it could have or would have, but my logic would have been that that would have just permanently sealed it.

I agree, poor Anna. I like Elsa, but it annoys me to a degree what a special snowflake she is. Almost literally.

I agree that the ice spells are pretty much the same... It's just that the heart obviously is a more vital part, both physiologically and metaphorically. So of course it would require more to be reversed. The true love only applies simply because it is the heart, not because of the kind of spell it is.