Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Worst of Blackmoor Manor, Chapter 18

Here is Chapter 18 of my parody story, Nancy Drew: Worst of Blackmoor Manor. Today, Nancy works with the telescope.

"The telescope lens must be used on the telescope in the room," Nancy read from her book of clues. "It can also be used to unlock the moon piece. Wait, what moon piece?"

Nancy explored the room for a bit, and she found the proper indentation, on the seat below one of the windows. She put the telescope lens inside the circular hole, then turned it. One the plates retracted, revealing a puzzle.

Nancy sighed. "Why does every puzzle just lead to another puzzle?" she asked no one in particular.

This was another astronomy puzzle. Nancy recognized the signs for Gemini and Leo. She pulled out her phone and looked up her horoscope, which read Today, you will solve a boatload of puzzles, do other people's chores, and almost get killed several times.

"I've had the same horoscope every day for the past several years," Nancy noted.

She pressed the astronomy signs in order, and the wall retracted again. Inside the small alcove was a metallic piece shaped like the moon.

"Gotcha!" Nancy said, slipping it into her pocket. It seemed to be about the same size as the clock piece she had gotten earlier. Perhaps the two were connected somehow.

Nancy went to Jane's room and spoke with the young girl. "Hey, Jane, there's a telescope stand in my room. Do you know what happened to the telescope?"

"Mmmhmm. I took it outside to look at the stars," Jane said. "If you want it back, you have to play a game with me. That's the rule."

Suddenly, Nancy had a vision of Jane, twenty years in the future.

"Mummy, I'm hungry!" said James, her six-year-old child. "Can I have some supper?"

Jane scolded her son. "Not until you get a high score on Super Mario. That's the rule!"

"But I keep losing! I haven't eaten in days! Please, just let me have some food!"

"Whining again, James? For that, you'll have to play Model Match ten times!"


Nancy shook her head. "Jane, I am very concerned about your obsession with games," she said. "However, because I have no other choice than to follow the commands of a twelve-year-old, I will play your game."

"Hooray!" Jane said.

Jane produced a jigsaw puzzle, and she told Nancy to solve it in under five minutes. Nancy didn't understand why Jane thought it was fun to watch someone else do a jigsaw puzzle, but she went along with it. The jigsaw puzzle was of a weird rabbit thing.

"Done!" Nancy said, when she finished.

"Great!" Jane said. "The telescope is on my desk!"

Nancy frowned upon learning she could have just taken the telescope at any time. She thanked Jane, then took the telescope to her room. Attaching the telescope lens to it, Nancy found that she was able to see hidden symbols in the mural. There were five symbols, all of which were numbered. Nancy didn't recognize them.

"Seriously!" Nancy whined. "Every puzzle leads to another puzzle! I'm not even part of the Penyvellyn Family! Can't they just give me the solution already?"


Anonymous said...

Great chapter Michael!
Haha, poor James. I've never been able to pass level one of Super Mario... Although that may be because I've never played... Anyway, that's irrelevant.

Thanks for continuing to write, -you're very good at it!

Anonymous said...

I always wondered why Jane made Nancy play the match game and the jigsaw puzzle. All she does is watch. :P I love your stories!!