Thursday, February 20, 2014

Three Things Thursday: Hidden Staircase Review

Here are three things that got cut from my review of Nancy Drew: The Hidden Staircase.

1. I blame Hannah for Carson Drew's kidnapping.  The kidnapping plot revolves around a fake telegram that was sent to Hannah.  After receiving the fake telegram, Hannah got a phone call from Mr. Drew.  She doesn't mention the telegram to him at all, not even when he mentions things that directly contradict the telegram.

Two days later, Mr. Drew is kidnapped. In hindsight, Hannah realizes the telegram was a fake. Gah! Why didn't she mention the telegram while she talked with Mr. Drew on the phone? That would have prevented the entire kidnapping.

2. At the end of the book, the culprit admits that he kidnapped Carson Drew. However, he is completely innocent, because he didn't know it was a kidnapping.  Obviously, the author wanted to let the culprit off the hook, but I found this premise a little hard to believe. Willie kidnapped Carson, without knowing what he was doing?  Get real.

3. Critics complain about Helen Corning in this book; she's mostly there to explain the plot and make Nancy look good. Helen is in the first four Nancy Drew books, but she doesn't do much to solve the mysteries. She gets replaced by Bess and George in Book 5, and only makes occasional appearances after that.


Cecilé said...

So what you are trying to say is Helen Corning was originally Nancy's best friend and then she was replaced with Bess and George? I have not read many of the older Nancy Drew books so this is the 1st time I'm hearing of Helen Corning.

Anonymous said...

Helen stopped appearing so much because she married Jim Archer and had to get my guess....

Anonymous said...

You Should read the old blue backed version. The yellow books have been edited and changed, but they also got a little cheesy. I personally like the originals.