Friday, February 14, 2014


I like putting joke references in my videos, but I am also terrified that nobody will understand my references, and therefore, the jokes won't be funny. Also, references tend to date videos; I imagine all the High School Musical jokes in my 2007 videos make the videos seem older than they are.

With my recent batch of Nancy Drew book reviews, I used joke references as some of the pictures. My idea was that anyone who recognizes the picture will laugh, while anyone who doesn't recognize it will not realize it's a joke, so they won't feel bad that they don't get the reference.

  • For the 1980's book, almost all of the pictures I used featured people with perms. 80's perms were a popular hairstyle at the time the book was written.
  • The picture of the popular rock band is actually a picture of 80's MTV stars. It's funny to pretend that they are popular musicians on MTV, seeing as they were MTV DJs in real life.
  • The picture of James Marshall, the angry 1980's boss, is actually Donald Trump. Trump was known as a big business type in the 80's.
  • For the Chinese villain of the book, I used a picture of Yao Ming, a Chinese basketball player.
  • I used Mildred Wirt's picture, in the Nancy Drew books written by her. Harriet Adams, another Nancy Drew author, also appears as a character.
  • The Topham sisters are mean and nasty, so I used a picture of the evil stepsisters from Cinderella for them.
  • The picture of the Revolutionary War traitor is Benedict Arnold, a Revolutionary War traitor.
  • One picture of two elderly women is directly taken from Nancy Drew: The Hidden Staircase, the movie. One picture of Nancy's father is also taken from this movie.

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Anonymous said...

I loved all the references! I especially loved the evil stepsisters one.