Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday News

Most of the news this week was reruns, so I'm talking about videogames today.

On eBay, there are two people who are trying to sell Her Interactive's game The Vampire Diaries. This game was released in 1996, before they started work on the Nancy Drew series.  It comes on three CDs, and apparently, it doesn't have a lot to do with the book series it's based on.

One is selling it for $300, and the other is selling it for $299.  Wow, way to undercut the competition, there!  As of my writing this, no one has made a bid for either copy.  One of them has enabled the "make me an offer" feature; I feel tempted to make an offer of $20 because, hello, NO ONE is going to drop $300 for a game which probably doesn't work on modern computers.


Anonymous said...

Do it! That's just too crazy. Who do they think they are? The disks are probably scratched and everything.

Anonymous said...

20 is quite high enough so, I think you should try to make an offer

Anonymous said...

Although it is a collector's item, that IS high. And come on, Michael, you don't have a Windows 95 or 98 lying around? I do

Anonymous said...

I have the soloution! Just tell the sellers that you are, in fact, Michael Gray.


They'd be so stunned by the awesomeness radiating from you in a big, shiny halo of awesome videogameishness... That they would just hand the game right over.

As well as anything else you might need, such as the appropriate computer to play the game, disk cleaners, and... Donuts. Donuts are delicious.

On a more serious note, Michael, Her Interactive currently have a vacant job position. Annnnnd... You are unemployed.... Riiiiiiigghht???

Check the Amateur Sleuth blog for the link to the details.

Anonymous said...

Someone bought a copy in November for $600:

Anonymous said...

I have the game (purchased it on eBay for $75 about six years ago, knowing that the price would continue to go up - and indeed it has). I have it running on Windows 7, but only after having installed an emulator(Virtual PC running Windows 98).