Sunday, February 2, 2014

2014 Nancy Drew Mega Marathon

All right! Here are the videos from the recording yesterday.

At times, the event was rocky. Lessons Learned:

#1. Google+ is a jerk and puts its logo on everything.
#2. Don't leave the camera on, when I'm not going anything. Video #2 starts off with an empty room, because I had to leave to go to the bathroom. Google+ is NOT letting me cut that part out. WHY???
#3. I can't read the comments and play the game at the same time, with the fullscreen games. Next week, I'll run a backup computer, just so I can read the comments.
#4. I need to make a separate video, for each game I'm going to play.
#5. I will play through the games ahead of time, on Junior Mode, so I don't get horrendously stuck like I did with Stay Tuned For Danger.


bug2506 said...

Even though you had a rocky start I still enjoyed the live videos. I hope you continue to do the Nancy Drew marathon. It was a lot of fun to watch. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a Nancy Drew Mega Marathon! I hope that you will continue with it. I just wanted to be the person that thank you Michael for all of the hard work and dedication he has towards doing these type of things.I am really looking forward to next week and for the 30th Nancy Drew game!

Anonymous said...

that thanks* you

Anonymous said...

Mine keeps saying the video is private :(

Elena Kelley-Pegg said...

When r u doing the next one?

Deathlydreams said...

hey michael - are you doing these videos every weekend now until you finish? hope i'm able to catch the live stream next week! :)