Friday, February 28, 2014


There is a mouse in my house. Or a rat. I haven't seen it, but it woke me up at 2:00 AM, when it was playing around in the walls by my room.

I set out glue traps in the garage. Seeing as the trap moved about six inches, the rodent went after the bait, got stuck, then struggled to escape.  Trap #2 moved about a foot and was flipped upside, so the creature really struggled with that one.

I'm going to try putting all the glue traps side-by-side, so escape will be much more difficult. The good news is that the bait (peanuts) is working!  I know I should get one of the traditional mousetraps that snaps the creature's neck in half, but that's kind of gross and it's hard to set. If you've ever tried to set one and gotten it wrong, you'll know how much it hurts.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. Just in case it's not obvious, my Youtube channel is following the pattern of Nancy Drew Marathon videos on weekends, and Phoenix Wright videos on weekdays, until one of the series ends.

2. There's a Peanuts movie in the works. Some people are calling it a franchise reboot, and I'm rather wary of this project.  The original Peanuts strips/movies are a little too dark and heavy for modern tastes in children's entertainment; most of them deal with Charlie Brown struggling against his depression. I imagine the reboot will make the series more lighter and child-friendly, which could mean it won't be as appealing.

3. Not to be mean, but I'm totally over Disney's Frozen at this point. I blame the snowman.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Aristotle's Proof from Motion

At the end of October, I wrote a lot about Aristotle's proof for the existence of God.  It turns out that I don't have to give a presentation about this topic, after all.  Still, I want to try explaining the proof from motion again, this time in normal person language, not Ancient Greek Philosopher English.

Physics (and common sense) tells us that inanimate objects don't move themselves.  If you see inanimate objects moving, the only correct logical deduction you can make is that someone moved them.  For example, if I'm at the bowling alley and I see a moving bowling ball, I can deduce that someone rolled the ball.  If I go to Egypt and see the pyramids, I can deduce that the stones were moved there.

This is all perfectly logical.  I don't need to see the people who built the pyramids; I can deduce they existed, just from observing the pyramids.  Likewise, if I see a series of dominoes, where one domino falls down and moves the next, I can logically and correctly conclude that the entire sequence of falling dominoes began with a first domino, which set the chain in motion.

(Obviously, physics and rules about motion are more complicated than that, but I'm purposely keeping things simple here.)

Aristotle applies the rule of "inanimate objects moved, therefore, a mover exists" to the universe at large.  The universe has been constantly moving for the past thirteen billion plus years, and for the majority of that time, there were only inanimate objects.  The logical deduction is that someone or something set the universe in motion, and this is what he called "God".

Aristotle wanted to prove the existence of the Greek gods, who keep things moving in the universe.  Christians use a variation of the argument to prove the existence of a creator God, like the one found in the first book of the Bible, who set the universe in motion through the Big Bang.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dating People of Different Ages

Q: Alright this is completely off subject, but I would really like to know your thoughts.  What do you think about a woman dating or marrying a younger man?  Ex. (the woman is three years older)

Anyone that would like to answer, please do, I'm up for anyone's thoughts on this, is it okay/normal or weird???

A: I am told that the rule is "four years". If the difference between the ages of a couple is over four years, then the relationship will not work.  However, I am also told this is not an official rule, but rather, it's something high school students made up so seniors could ask freshmen to Prom and not feel guilty.

Maybe some of you readers could share your thoughts in the comments.  My girlfriend and I are only six months apart, for what it's worth.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nancy Drew Marathon

Here are the two Nancy Drew games I played yesterday! This marathon thing is working better than I expected!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Vampire Diaries

Here's an update on the Vampire Diaries game on eBay, because I know you're all fascinated by my adventures in not getting the game.

Seller A put the game up for $300, for one month.  I offered $40 and got turned down. The item will go unsold this Friday, unless someone makes a bid.  Not to be vindictive, but I wouldn't mind seeing it go unsold.

Seller B put the game up for $299, for one week.  There were no bids, so it was relisted the next week at $199.  Again, no bids.  This week, the seller relisted it for a month, at $299. I put in an offer for $50 and it was rejected.

Someone here informed me that there is also a FMV game called McKenzie & Co, which Her Interactive made in the early-to-mid 1990's.  It was so popular that it got a sequel.  I'll keep an eye out for that, too.  I love 90's FMV games!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Three Things Thursday: Hidden Staircase Review

Here are three things that got cut from my review of Nancy Drew: The Hidden Staircase.

1. I blame Hannah for Carson Drew's kidnapping.  The kidnapping plot revolves around a fake telegram that was sent to Hannah.  After receiving the fake telegram, Hannah got a phone call from Mr. Drew.  She doesn't mention the telegram to him at all, not even when he mentions things that directly contradict the telegram.

Two days later, Mr. Drew is kidnapped. In hindsight, Hannah realizes the telegram was a fake. Gah! Why didn't she mention the telegram while she talked with Mr. Drew on the phone? That would have prevented the entire kidnapping.

2. At the end of the book, the culprit admits that he kidnapped Carson Drew. However, he is completely innocent, because he didn't know it was a kidnapping.  Obviously, the author wanted to let the culprit off the hook, but I found this premise a little hard to believe. Willie kidnapped Carson, without knowing what he was doing?  Get real.

3. Critics complain about Helen Corning in this book; she's mostly there to explain the plot and make Nancy look good. Helen is in the first four Nancy Drew books, but she doesn't do much to solve the mysteries. She gets replaced by Bess and George in Book 5, and only makes occasional appearances after that.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Latin Mass

There has been some confusion about the Latin Mass. I'm not sure how the topic came up, but I can explain things. In general, there are two different masses that the Catholic Church offers.

1. The Old One, sometimes called "the extraordinary form", "usus antiquior" or "Tridentine mass". Pope St. Pius V instituted this in 1570. It is always performed in Latin.

2. The New One, sometimes called "ordinary form", "novus ordo", or "the mass of Paul VI". Pope Paul VI instituted this in 1969. It is rarely performed in Latin.

If someone talks about Latin mass, they usually mean the old mass.

The official rulebook says that the new mass can be performed in the local language, but it should usually be in Latin.  The crazy people in the 60's and 70's decided this rule means "never ever do the mass in Latin".  So despite the official recommendation, you'll have a hard time finding any place that does the new mass in Latin.

You'll also have a hard time finding a place which does the old mass; the crazy people in the 60's and 70's banned it in most areas.  In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI officially declared that priests can celebrate either mass.  It seems weird that the Pope had to legalize the Latin mass, considering that Latin is the official language of the Catholic Church, but that's what happened.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Little Pony

The reaction to this week's episode of My Little Pony was mixed.  Personally, I thought it was okay;  I'd probably watch it if it was on TV, but I wouldn't set my DVR to record it.

Complaint #1 that people have is repetitiveness.  Every time the shy pony has an episode, she learns the lesson "I should not be so shy".  Seriously, she has no other storylines.

This doesn't bother me, because I noticed the repetitive storylines a long time ago.  The hardworking pony always ends up trying to do everything by herself, then she burns out and learns she should ask her friends for help.  The overly competitive pony always learns that friendship is more important that sports.  The constantly-partying pony always learns that she has a drinking problem and needs to find help.

Okay, I made that last one up, but it leads us to Complaint #2.  Pinkie Pie is the comedy relief character of the show. Whenever she's the main character, she is complex and has actual emotions and motivations.  Whenever she's not the main character, she is reduced to "one point punchline".

The writers try to keep it consistent, in that the joke is usually "Ha ha, Pinkie is hyperactive" or "Ha ha, Pinkie is silly and random".  Sometimes, you see "Ha ha, Pinkie is an idiot."  This week, the joke was "Pinkie is a complete jerk but doesn't know it", and...well, fans didn't like seeing Pinkie act like a jerk in every scene.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Nancy Drew Voices

I was curious about the voices for Bess and George in the Nancy Drew series, so I made an official list.

Bess Marvin has been voiced by...
Lani Minella by in Game 1.
Katie Denny in Games 2-3.
Claire Gallagher in Game 4
Punchy LaRue in Game 5
Alisa Murray in Games 6-9, 12-14 (seven in total)
Abby Murray in Game 10
Jennifer Pratt in Games 17, 19, 20, 23, 25, 26, 28-29 (eight in total)

George Fayne has been voiced by...
Lani Minella in Game 1
Lindsey Newman in Game 2-3.
Maureen Nelson in Games 4-8 (five in total)
Jena Cane in Game 9
Patty Pomplun in Game 10, 12-14, 19 (five in total)
Chiara Motley in Games 20, 23, 25 (three in total)

The credits for Game 1 list Lani Minella and Donna Rowrey as the only female voices in the game, but it doesn't say who does what voice. George is definitely played by Lani, and I'm about 60% sure she does Bess's voice, but I don't think it's ever been officially confirmed.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nancy Drew Games

Here are the two Nancy Drew gamse I played yesterday!

Secret of the Scarlet Hand

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Do you readers know anything about VidCon? One or two people have asked me if I'm going to attend.

From what I can tell, it's basically a gathering of people who make YouTube videos. It's in Anaheim, from June 6-9.  It seems kind of pricey--$450 for an exhibitor pass and $150 for a visitor pass.  That's on top of the price of the hotel and the flight there.

I tried looking through their list of special guests, but I didn't recognize anyone because I don't watch Youtube videos. Maybe I can be super lucky and get a special guest discount, but all the guests I saw are about ten times as popular as I am.

Thoughts?  I'm on the fence.

Friday, February 14, 2014


I like putting joke references in my videos, but I am also terrified that nobody will understand my references, and therefore, the jokes won't be funny. Also, references tend to date videos; I imagine all the High School Musical jokes in my 2007 videos make the videos seem older than they are.

With my recent batch of Nancy Drew book reviews, I used joke references as some of the pictures. My idea was that anyone who recognizes the picture will laugh, while anyone who doesn't recognize it will not realize it's a joke, so they won't feel bad that they don't get the reference.

  • For the 1980's book, almost all of the pictures I used featured people with perms. 80's perms were a popular hairstyle at the time the book was written.
  • The picture of the popular rock band is actually a picture of 80's MTV stars. It's funny to pretend that they are popular musicians on MTV, seeing as they were MTV DJs in real life.
  • The picture of James Marshall, the angry 1980's boss, is actually Donald Trump. Trump was known as a big business type in the 80's.
  • For the Chinese villain of the book, I used a picture of Yao Ming, a Chinese basketball player.
  • I used Mildred Wirt's picture, in the Nancy Drew books written by her. Harriet Adams, another Nancy Drew author, also appears as a character.
  • The Topham sisters are mean and nasty, so I used a picture of the evil stepsisters from Cinderella for them.
  • The picture of the Revolutionary War traitor is Benedict Arnold, a Revolutionary War traitor.
  • One picture of two elderly women is directly taken from Nancy Drew: The Hidden Staircase, the movie. One picture of Nancy's father is also taken from this movie.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. Remember how someone had a copy of The Vampire Diaries (PC) on eBay up for sale?  I offered $40, and they rejected the offer.  Hmph!
The other person, who was selling the game for $299, got no buyers at all. They relisted the game at $199, with a buy-it-now price of $399.  I hope this trend of sellers cutting their outrageous prices continues until the game is affordable.

2. We have a release date for Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall (iPad)!  It's coming on March 4th, 2014!  Hooray!  I'm looking forward to this.

3. Her Interactive (the company that makes the Nancy Drew games) is hiring for a marketing intern. All you college-aged folks who are good with videos and marketing should check it out!  They're a nice group of people to work with, and I'm not just saying that because they gave me free donuts when I visited.

Speaking of donuts, I am surprising my girlfriend tomorrow with some of the world-famous Voodoo Donuts for breakfast.  Nobody tell her about it, okay?  She thinks the only food-related plans we have are the fancy restaurant we got reservations at.  (I have no idea how fancy the restaurant is, but she likes it and it takes special Saint Valentine's Day reservations, so hopefully it'll be good enough.)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nancy Drew Book Reviews

Today, I've got three new Nancy Drew book reviews! They're fancy, fun AND they come with closed captioning.

Nancy Drew #1: The Secret of the Old Clock

Nancy Drew #2: The Hidden Staircase

Nancy Drew Files #2: Deadly Intent

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Worst of Blackmoor Manor, Chapter 18

Here is Chapter 18 of my parody story, Nancy Drew: Worst of Blackmoor Manor. Today, Nancy works with the telescope.

"The telescope lens must be used on the telescope in the room," Nancy read from her book of clues. "It can also be used to unlock the moon piece. Wait, what moon piece?"

Nancy explored the room for a bit, and she found the proper indentation, on the seat below one of the windows. She put the telescope lens inside the circular hole, then turned it. One the plates retracted, revealing a puzzle.

Nancy sighed. "Why does every puzzle just lead to another puzzle?" she asked no one in particular.

This was another astronomy puzzle. Nancy recognized the signs for Gemini and Leo. She pulled out her phone and looked up her horoscope, which read Today, you will solve a boatload of puzzles, do other people's chores, and almost get killed several times.

"I've had the same horoscope every day for the past several years," Nancy noted.

She pressed the astronomy signs in order, and the wall retracted again. Inside the small alcove was a metallic piece shaped like the moon.

"Gotcha!" Nancy said, slipping it into her pocket. It seemed to be about the same size as the clock piece she had gotten earlier. Perhaps the two were connected somehow.

Nancy went to Jane's room and spoke with the young girl. "Hey, Jane, there's a telescope stand in my room. Do you know what happened to the telescope?"

"Mmmhmm. I took it outside to look at the stars," Jane said. "If you want it back, you have to play a game with me. That's the rule."

Suddenly, Nancy had a vision of Jane, twenty years in the future.

"Mummy, I'm hungry!" said James, her six-year-old child. "Can I have some supper?"

Jane scolded her son. "Not until you get a high score on Super Mario. That's the rule!"

"But I keep losing! I haven't eaten in days! Please, just let me have some food!"

"Whining again, James? For that, you'll have to play Model Match ten times!"


Nancy shook her head. "Jane, I am very concerned about your obsession with games," she said. "However, because I have no other choice than to follow the commands of a twelve-year-old, I will play your game."

"Hooray!" Jane said.

Jane produced a jigsaw puzzle, and she told Nancy to solve it in under five minutes. Nancy didn't understand why Jane thought it was fun to watch someone else do a jigsaw puzzle, but she went along with it. The jigsaw puzzle was of a weird rabbit thing.

"Done!" Nancy said, when she finished.

"Great!" Jane said. "The telescope is on my desk!"

Nancy frowned upon learning she could have just taken the telescope at any time. She thanked Jane, then took the telescope to her room. Attaching the telescope lens to it, Nancy found that she was able to see hidden symbols in the mural. There were five symbols, all of which were numbered. Nancy didn't recognize them.

"Seriously!" Nancy whined. "Every puzzle leads to another puzzle! I'm not even part of the Penyvellyn Family! Can't they just give me the solution already?"

Monday, February 10, 2014

Worst of Blackmoor Manor, Chapter 17

Here is Chapter 17 of my parody story, Nancy Drew: Worst of Blackmoor Manor. Today, Nancy unlocks Brigitte's box.


Nancy quickly slipped the time piece into her pocket. "He-hello Ethel," she said nervously.

"What are you doing here?" Ethel asked.


"I told you not to go exploring in the manor," Ethel said. "And yet here I find you, at the base of one of the hidden passageways."

"Yeah, the hidden slide is amazingly fun!" Nancy said enthusiastically. "Um, I mean, hidden slide? What hidden slide? I didn't get myself knocked unconscious while standing on the hidden slide! I like sleeping on hard, tiled floors!"

"And this is exactly what I warned you about," Ethel said. "It is too dangerous for a girl of your...capabilities to explore the manor. You will get hurt again, if you keep this up. That is why you must desist immediately."

"I'm not going to stop my investigation," Nancy said stubbornly.

"You are here to determine why Linda is sick, not to hurt yourself playing with slides!" Ethel said. "I cannot do anything now that you are here, but know this: the second your 'investigation' is over, I will ensure that you are no longer welcomed at Blackmoor. Good day."

Ethel turned around and marched off angrily.

"Meanie Bossy Knees!" Nancy called after her. Nancy slowly got off of the ground—her body hurt a lot—then consulted the notebook. It said that Brigitte Penvellyn hid a telescope lens in the box in her room. Brigitte's room was Nancy's bedroom, so she went directly there. As she passed by Jane's room, she heard singing.

Brigitte with her eyes so bright
Looks towards heaven at midnight

On the longest night of year.
That's the time she holds most dear.
"Starry friends," she's often heard to say,
"How I wish that I could make you stay!"
Even though they can't remain,
Time will bring them 'round again.

"Hmmm...a song about Brigitte..." Nancy said to herself, thinking for a moment. "Nah, that can't be a clue! It's probably just a coincidence."

Fortunately, no one had moved Brigitte's box for a few hundred years. It was sitting on a chair, in the corner of the room. The box was a perfect six-sided cube, with each side containing an animal picture. Each face of the box had knobs, which let Nancy change the colors or cover things up to match various moon phases.

"What?" Nancy asked.

Nancy lay on her bed, and she played around with the weird box for a while, until she noticed that there were star charts on the wall. She thumbed through them, in search of the proper one.

"How do I know which season I'm looking for?!" Nancy complained. "If only I had some sort of song to act as a clue!"

Nancy decided to forget the constellations and seasons, and she focused on the animals drawn on the star charts. Matching them up with the sides of the box, Nancy solved the puzzle. The box opened to reveal the telescope lens.

"HOORAY!" Nancy said.

Then she realized she didn't have a telescope.

"D'oh!" she said.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nancy Drew Videos

Heh heh...I'm still not done with the Nancy Drew videos from yesterday!  In my defense, Youtube is being extra-weird with them.  The video for The Final Scene could be watched on Youtube, but it wasn't listed anywhere in the list of my videos. I don't know why!

So for now, you can have fun watching the original videos, in all their choppy glory! Next week, I hope the weather won't interfere with the upload quality.

Treasure in the Royal Tower

The Final Scene

I'm going to combine all three videos for Treasure in the Royal Tower.  The video for The Final Scene starts with an extended Q&A session that I'll cut out when I re-upload it.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Nancy Drew Mega Marathon

I'm recording two more Nancy Drew games today, for the 2014 marathon. I will update this blog post, when the videos are finished.

#4: Treasure in the Royal Tower

#5: The Final Scene

Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday News

Most of the news this week was reruns, so I'm talking about videogames today.

On eBay, there are two people who are trying to sell Her Interactive's game The Vampire Diaries. This game was released in 1996, before they started work on the Nancy Drew series.  It comes on three CDs, and apparently, it doesn't have a lot to do with the book series it's based on.

One is selling it for $300, and the other is selling it for $299.  Wow, way to undercut the competition, there!  As of my writing this, no one has made a bid for either copy.  One of them has enabled the "make me an offer" feature; I feel tempted to make an offer of $20 because, hello, NO ONE is going to drop $300 for a game which probably doesn't work on modern computers.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Supply and Demand

Economists tell us that the economy follows the simple rules of supply and demand.  Namely, when demand increases, prices increase.  When demand decreases, prices decrease.

That sounds good on paper, but in real life, I don't see it happen that way.  Companies like to fix minimum prices, and no matter how much supply/demand changes, they don't decrease the price past a certain point.  Take Nintendo for an example.  They're still selling 2004's Super Mario 64 DS for $30.  I seriously doubt demand for that game is high enough to warrant such prices.

Let's not forget businesses which have regular price increases.  Gasoline, college admissions and ticket prices seem to go up by a steady rate every year, no matter what the changes in demand are.

Companies also like to increase prices, when demand goes down.  That happened when the economy died.  Every single place increased their prices, to make up for lost profits.  To use my made-up statistic, Taco Bell had a 40% decrease in customers, so they compensated by upping prices by 40%.

So, here's how supply and demand works, according to my observations:

When demand goes up, the price goes up.
When demand goes down, the price goes up.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Relationship Between Science and Religion

According to my Facebook stream, there's a big debate about creationism VS science today.

Personally, I'm not very interested. All the Internet debates I've seen about the existence of God have been...lacking, to say the least.  It usually ends up with a bunch of ignorant people, shouting at a bunch of ignorant people.  The only difference is that one group automatically believes whatever scientists say, and the other group automatically believes whatever priests say.

In general, I've seen four basic ideas people have about the relationship between science and religion.

1. Conflict: Science and religion are fundamental opposites, so they must avoid each other at all costs.  Sometimes, this is hostile, and one side wants to destroy the other completely.
2. Equality: Both science and religion are 100% correct, in their respective spheres of inquiry.
3. Mixing: Science and religion are mixed together, to become one field instead of two. That involves making religion more scientific and making science more religious.
4. Contact: Science and religion are balanced and freely dialogue with each other, while maintaining their respective differences.

Catholicism aims for the contact approach to science and religion.  The Catholic Church believes that Truth is ultimately one, because Jesus Christ is the source of all truth, and he is unified. If there is a situation where a scientific truth seems to conflict with a religious truth, then you either have bad science or bad religion.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Good Versus Good

Someone asked what I meant by saying the choice between good and good is a Christian ideal.  I just pulled it from my hat of smart-sounding sayings from Catholic saints, but I can discuss it further.

1. The Christian belief is that true freedom is choosing God, who is the ultimate good.  When we choose to sin, we turn away from God and become enslaved by the body and our senses.  That is, sin harms our capacity for freedom; you can easily see this in extreme cases of alcoholism and drug abuse.

To have true freedom, we must avoid sin and choose God.  To paraphrase Jesus, he is the Truth that sets us free. This means true freedom is a choice between good and good.  It is not a choice between good and evil; evil is not one of the options of true freedom, because it limits freedom.

2. Saint Augustine is the Catholic theologian who worked out the theory that evil is not a positive force.  Rather, evil is the absence of good.  It is a distinct lack of goodness,

a) X's goodness has diminished/lessened/corrupted
b) X is evil

Evil does not have positive existence; instead, like a leech, it depends on goodness for its existence.  In every bit of evil, there is at least some goodness somewhere; otherwise, the evil could not possibly exist.  From this, it is argued that every choice is a choice between good and good; you should choose the option that has more good than the other.

3. It's more proper to categorize the idea of "good versus good" as a Western idea than an Eastern one.  Traditionally, the Eastern world sees the world as a battle between good and evil, like yin versus yang or Darth Vader versus Luke Skywalker. The Western World officially rejected this idea with Manicheeism, but it's still been very popular with Westerners before and after that.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Hockey Talk

The WHL (Western Hockey League) is coming up on the playoff run sometime soon, with about 15 games left for most teams before the end of the season in mid-March.

I'm most familiar with the teams in the US West Coast division, arguably the best of all four divisions in the WHL. I feel kind of bad for the Tri-City Americans, the last place US team. They're not as bad as their record indicates. Why, if they were in one of the three Canadian divisions, they would be in second or third place. But they're here in the United States, facing the tough competition, so...

The good news is that Tri-City has a solid chance of making the playoffs anyway. Only two west-coast teams don't make the playoffs, so if Tri-City wants to make the playoffs, they just have to beat out the two worst Canadian teams. They are way ahead of Kaloomps, and a little bit ahead of Prince George. As the season winds down, it'll be interest to see them jockey for the final spots in the playoffs...

Sunday, February 2, 2014

2014 Nancy Drew Mega Marathon

All right! Here are the videos from the recording yesterday.

At times, the event was rocky. Lessons Learned:

#1. Google+ is a jerk and puts its logo on everything.
#2. Don't leave the camera on, when I'm not going anything. Video #2 starts off with an empty room, because I had to leave to go to the bathroom. Google+ is NOT letting me cut that part out. WHY???
#3. I can't read the comments and play the game at the same time, with the fullscreen games. Next week, I'll run a backup computer, just so I can read the comments.
#4. I need to make a separate video, for each game I'm going to play.
#5. I will play through the games ahead of time, on Junior Mode, so I don't get horrendously stuck like I did with Stay Tuned For Danger.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Nancy Drew Marathon

It's going on RIGHT NOW!

Unless you're super late in reading this, and you missed it. Better check, just to be sure.