Monday, January 20, 2014

Worst of Blackmoor Manor, Chapter 16

Here is Chapter 16 of my parody story, Nancy Drew: Worst of Blackmoor Manor. Today, Nancy solves three puzzles!

Nancy woke up at midnight, and she went downstairs. She was slightly impressed that all the lights in Blackmoor Manor were still on at full power; it must cost a lot of money to keep the manor running all the time.

In the library, Nancy logged onto the computer again. This time, it accepted her request to go on a ghost hunt. The instructions appeared onscreen.

Don't tell my sister, but there are ghosts in Blackmoor! Thirteen of them, to be exact. The problem is that they're very shy, so they only appear in quiet places, like the library, the conservatory and the great hall. What's worse, they'll only appear for a limited amount of time. But if you can find and touch all thirteen ghosts in the time you're allotted, I'll give you a prize, one that I guarantee you'll enjoy!

A timer appeared onscreen below this message. She tripped over herself, in her haste to start searching. She found a grand total of three ghosts, before the timer ran out.

This was the first of many attempts to find all the ghosts. First, Nancy found all the ghosts in the library. She reset the puzzle, then found all the ghosts in the Great Hall. She reset the puzzle again, then found all the ghosts in the hallway.

Then she took a bathroom break and lost count of the ghosts she had found, so she started over. Eventually, Nancy found twelve ghosts.

"WHERE IS GHOST NUMBER THIRTEEN?" Nancy shouted, in a very quiet voice that didn't wake anyone up.

She soon noticed an odd spiral staircase, in between her room and Jane's. Nancy walked up the stairs.




The stairs made weird sound effects as Nancy climbed up them. The stairs led to a dead end, containing ghost number thirteen. Nancy quickly pressed it.

Below the ghosts were a series of levers. Nancy pulled them, and they made weird sound effects, just like the stairs. Realizing this was another Penvellyn puzzle, Nancy tried duplicating the order of the sound effects. After some trial and error, she solved the puzzle and received a key.

"Hooray!" Nancy said. "It's a key to...somewhere!"

Nancy slipped the key in her pocket and returned downstairs to Alan's computer. It had a special message waiting for her.

Congratulations! You're one of the few people who have seen all thirteen ghosts of Blackmoor Manor! Now for your reward. In the East Hall, there is a lever disguised as a hat rack. Pull on it, then enjoy!

Nancy complained for a while about how the Penvellyns were forcing her to tramp all over their manor in the dead of night, before going to the East Hall. When she pulled the lever, a large section of the wall retracted, revealing a slide. Nancy sat herself down and started sliding.

"WHEE!" Nancy cheered as the slide spun around. On the wall, Nancy could see a strange-looking target. Before she had time to register this, the slide ended. She found herself downstairs, having exited through a hidden cache behind a statue.

"I'm doing that again!" Nancy said.

She ran upstairs and used the slide again. This time, instead of sitting down, she stood up on the slide. It was hard to keep her balance, and she almost fell over three times, but that way, she was able to punch the target. She heard a clanging sound, before she smashed her head against the wall.

Nancy immediately fell unconscious. Her last thought was about how standing up on a slide which ends in a tunnel is not a good idea.

When Nancy awoke seven hours later, she was on the floor of the Great Hall. A tiny watch piece was on the ground beside her. Standing over her, with an angry look on her face, was Ethel Bossiny.


Anonymous said...

Ah...the dreaded cliffhanger. But I like the way Nancy solved the target puzzle without using the croquet ball. I always wondered why she didn't just throw her shoe at it or something.

That, and I wondered how playing musical stairs during the midnight ghost hunt didn't wake up everybody in the house.

Anonymous said...

Michael is sooooooo much better than any paid writer!