Sunday, January 19, 2014

Worst of Blackmoor Manor, Chapter 15

Here is Chapter 15 of my parody story, Nancy Drew: Worst of Blackmoor Manor. Today, Nancy gets the password to Alan's computer.

Nancy decided to tackle all of the puzzles in alphabetical order, because hey, why not? First on the list was Alan Penvellyn, who set up a puzzle on his computer in the library.

Nancy headed all the way to the library. Nigel was inside, typing furiously on his computer.

"Hey, Nigel," Nancy said. "Are you working on your memoirs?"

"No, I'm doing a typing program," Nigel said. "I hope to get my words-per-minute counter up by at least 10%. It's my New Years Resolution!"

"'s good to have goals," Nancy said. "I'm looking for Alan Penbellino's computer. Is it in here?"

"It's in the back," Nigel said, gesturing towards the rear of the library.

Nancy thanked Nigel and went to the computer. It was on a table, under a large mask. Nancy moved the mouse around, and the screen came to life.

Welcome, Alan! Password?

"What's the password for the computer?" Nancy asked.

"I have no idea," Nigel called from the other side of the library. "I'm a historian. Modern people aren't really my bag, you know? I prefer my humanity to be more aged. Anyone under a century old is not interesting to me!"

He must not go on a lot of dates, Nancy decided.

Nancy left the library and thought for a moment. If she wanted to learn the computer password, she would have to ask Jane, Linda, Mrs. Drake or Loulou. Nancy decided to talk to them in alphabetical order, because hey, why not? She went upstairs to Jane's room and knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" Jane called.

"It's Nancy," Nancy said.

"Please, come in!" Jane said.

Nancy entered the room and inquired about the password to Alan's computer. Jane grinned widely.

"I know the password, but if you want me to tell it to you, you have to play a game with me, first."

Nancy groaned. "Which game?"

Jane pulled out twenty cards and put them on the floor. "This is a matching game. You need to find all the matches, but if you make more than ten mistakes, you have to start over."

Nancy didn't do very well with the matching game, until she got an idea. Pointing at a picture on Jane's desk, Nancy asked, "Whoa! You had a gerbil?"

Jane turned to look at the picture. "Yes, its name was Freddy. It died about a year ago."

While Jane was talking, Nancy quickly flipped over the cards and looked at them. She flipped them back over, by the time Jane refocused her attention on the game. After that bit of cheating, Nancy had a much easier time winning the game.

"You did it!" Jane said. "Okay, the password on the computer is on Alan's coat of arms, plain as day. But there's nothing on the computer that's very interesting. If you're looking for something to do, you should play a game with me instead!"

"Maybe later," Nancy said. "I'm all 'gamed out' right now. Which coat of arms is Alan's again?"

"The one with Loulou on it," Jane said.

Nancy made her way downstairs and found the correct coat of arms, which read Purgamentum exit. She went to Alan's computer and used that as the password. Thankfully, the computer accepted it.

Welcome again, Alan! Are you ready to go on a ghost hunt? Yes/No.

Nancy clicked on yes.

Sorry, my watch tells me that it's currently daytime! The ghosts only come out after midnight. Please return later!

"Well, there is clearly nothing else I can do which is worthwhile," Nancy decided. So she went upstairs and slept until midnight.

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Anonymous said...

I love your parody stories! I just reread your Warnings at Waverly Academy parody because I finished the game.