Monday, January 6, 2014

Worst of Blackmoor Manor, Chapter 12

Here is Chapter 12 of my parody story, Nancy Drew: Worst of Blackmoor Manor. Today, Nancy finds the final hidden passageway!

"Huh. I guess Mrs. Drake is busy," Nancy said, brushing herself off as she got off the ground. She went upstairs and stopped by Loulou's cage. "Hey, Double Lou! I know the magic word."
"You do?"
"Loulou is a very, very clever and beautiful bird."
Loulou made loud happy sounds. "Clever and beautiful! Too true! Too true! Loulou is clever and beautiful!"
"So my word is barber..." Nancy said.
"Leech! Lecch leech leech leech leech."
"Are you saying 'leech' is the next word in the sequence?"
"You got it, Toots!"
Nancy went to the hidden passageway in the East Hall. At the parrot plaque which read "barber", she spun the dials so it read "leech". The plaque accepted this as correct, and the door opened.
"More passageways," Nancy muttered. She walked down this one, and at the end was a familiar-looking triangle puzzle. This time, the box with triangles was on the left side of the wall. Nancy opened it and spun the triangles so they were all facing upwards.
The wall spun to the side, revealing a large hidden room that conveniently connected both hidden passageways Nancy had found. The room had a door, a side passageway, and a tiny box in the wall. Nancy opened the box to find a glowing rock.
"Hey, I can use this as a flashlight!" Nancy said. "Hopefully, it's not radioactive."
Nancy stepped through the doorway, and she found herself in a small room, about the size of an elevator. She opened the door at the other end of the room and went through. When the door closed behind her, she hear the room moving.
"Huh?" Nancy asked.
On a metallic fountain in front of her, Nancy could see a device. She picked it up to see that it had a map. Solve the maze of the rotating rooms! was carved on the top of the map.
"Uh oh," Nancy said.


Anonymous said...

I thought *that* exact same thing about that rock! I wondered if it was a good idea for Nancy to hold it and let whatever chemical was making that rock glow absorb into her skin. Lol, the joys of no consequences in video games.

Anonymous said...

haha uh oh was the exact reaction I had to the rotating rooms.

Anonymous said...

Will Nancy ever have a relaxing vacation? But then again Nancy isn't an ordinary girl, she needs mysteries as much as mysteries need her.