Sunday, January 12, 2014

Upcoming Videos

I must not be very good at planning which videos to upload. Coming up this week, I'll continue my unpopular playthrough of Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon.

I am adding a video walkthrough for World Mosaics to the upload list.  This is a nonograms game. Solving the puzzles is fun, but watching other people solve them? Not so much. As a result, my videos will focus on the puzzle solutions, as opposed to showing the 1-10 minutes it takes to reach those solutions.

I should probably start work on Case #2 of Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies, but to be honest, that hasn't been a very popular series either.

Oh, well. After all this, I've got a special game I'll be starting on Friday! I promise this one will be more fun.


bug2506 said...

I can't believe that Phoenix Wright is so unpopular. Poor guy! :-( I really like his games.

H.A. said...

It may be unpopular, but I really, REALLY like your Shining Force playthrough, Michael. I hope you'll finish it :D

GameOverTown said...

Now I'm excited for Friday

William D said...

Okay, I have one question, and one suggestion.
[Question] Is there a fifth Apollo Justice game? If so, will you play it?
[Suggestion] Do not not not not not nooooooooot EVER play The Malgrave Incident (Mystery Case Files) I know you don't mind Hidden Object challenges if they're spread out, but these... -shivers- The base and code and... and EVERYTHING of this game is hidden object challenges. Continually. Yah, there are other puzzles, but most of the challenges are hidden objects (in which you can zoom in and out) I don't like Hidden object challenges that much, but my conviction to finish the game set in ~-~

Graeme Cree said...

Do you also use Camstudio for your Arglefumph talk videos, or some other program?

If Camstudio, how do you get it to record through your web camera? I've been all through Video Options, and the only recording options I see involve recording off the screen.

Graeme Cree said...

I saw someone post this a month or so ago, and couldn't understand then why these particular fallacies are supposed to be more serious than other ones. Logic doesn't really say that these 10 informal fallacies are more serious than other informal ones, or all of the formal ones. The fallacy that one is committing at the moment is always the most serious one.

Some of these have different names than what I was taught. What the meme calls the "Bandwagon Fallacy" is "argumentum ad populum", the way I heard it. "Burden of proof reversal" isn't really a fallacy at all, as such, but bears some resemblance to argumentum ad ignorantium.

False dichotomy (Faulty Dilemma, the way I heard it) is sticky. There's no rule in logic that says to NEVER reduce the argument to two possibilities. It's the other way around; you can't assume that every argument MUST reduce down to two.

Graeme Cree said...

Ignore previous logic comment. Somehow it was still on my clipboard from a post to another location. It has no relevance here, delete it if possible. My question was the one about Camstudio and Webcams.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! ( as it says on her interactive site lol =) )

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Michael!! :D Ihope you had a great birthday. Oh, and you are not not going to play the third chapter of shinging force? It's fine, but I'm curious why not. All you said is that you didn't like it, but not WHY you didn't like it. It's also too bad that Phoienx Wright isn't really popular. :(.