Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mulan 2

I watched Mulan 2 on Christmas. The best part of the movie was probably the reprise of "A Girl Worth Fighting For".

I was a little surprised to see that Mushu became a minor antagonist in this movie. He spends about half the movie trying to break up Mulan and her fiancee, until he realizes this is a horrible thing to do.

One of the bad things Mushu does is wreck the journey, so the entire group gets lost.  This led to an extended version of the "men refuse to stop and ask for directions" joke.  It was kind of painful to watch that scene, actually.  First, it completely conflicts with the moral of the story, "gender stereotypes are bad". Second, ever since the invention of the GPS, that joke has been outdated.  Really, when is the last time someone used a paper map while driving on a road trip?

Overall, it was okay, but certainly not as good as the original.


Anonymous said...

I hate disney sequels. I seriously doubt the makers of the originals made the sequels because the sequels always seem really cheap in comparison to the actual movie. Most of the time I completely ignore the sequel and keep the original ending to the movie.

Anonymous said...

The Atlantis movie #2 milos return was pretty well done, barely anyone knows about these movies though

Alysia Parker said...

Michael, I have seen a lot of Disney sequels and the sequel in my personal opinion is never as good as the original. Some of the music in them is semi-cute but the overall story and plot is very thin and poorly made.

I never could figure out why Disney had to make a sequel when the original film was fine just the way it was.

It would anger and upset me because the original film would have so much action, comedic lines, characters, music, etc. that it seemed to be a waste to try and recreate the magic as it were.

Disney should just leave it alone and if the fans request for a sequel then so be it but don't make one and have your fans angry and you say, "I don't know why they are so upset with us!"

Anyway have a great day!

Your friend and fan

Anonymous said...

'First, it completely conflicts with the moral of the story, "gender stereotypes are bad".'

In today's day and age, it's more like "gender stereotypes about women are bad, but it's only fair that they get even with the entire male species of humankind, who allegedly have been making gender stereotypes about women for ages."

Anonymous said...

why don't you review Quest for Camelot. Its good but has its mmoments.