Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Job Problems

The other day, I looked up information on Disney's 1981 The Fox and the Hound.  I was a little surprised to learn that the men who worked on this film are basically the same men who are in charge of animated films today.

This was a problem for me, when I graduated from college and wanted to get a job in animation.  There is basically no way for anyone to break into the field, because it's run by old men who have been in their jobs for over 30 years.  That's pretty tough competition, and they don't show any signs of retiring soon.

Actually, this is a problem for my generation in general.  People in their 20's/30's aren't getting high level jobs, because all those positions are already taken.  Since companies aren't creating any jobs, our only hope is to wait for the older generation to retire.  They've got 30-40 more years of job experience than we do, so it's hard for us to replace them in any other way.

Sadly, I'm told that the current trend is for companies to not replace retired workers.  After all, it costs money to promote workers.  Companies prefer to take the retiree's work and hand it out to the remaining employees, with no increase in pay.  I've seen that happen in several places.  So-and-so retires, and the company says there's not enough money to replace him, even though the only way that could be true is if So-and-so worked for free.

Remember the 90's, when the Dot-Com Bubble was growing?  Companies were excited about the newfangled computers and Internet, which was the future of business.  For a while, it was a trend to replace old employees with the new, computer-literate generation.  We should get that trend going again.

In defense of the older generation, the majority of them can't retire, even though they want to.  The government keeps cutting pensions and social security, and banks never give out interest rates higher than 1%.  Most of the people who bought houses before 2007 are still in trouble, because the mortgage costs more than the actual house does. Although I know many people in my generation who are angry about the job market and economy, I like to think the younger generation sympathizes with the older generation when it comes to debts and not having enough money to live on.


bug2506 said...

There really is no retiring now a days. My dad is old enough to retire in November but cant afford to cause the cost of living has gone up along with everything else. I really don't see the younger generation the 20 something's and 30 something's being about to retire. Which is sad.

Anonymous said...

It is sad that our future looks so bleak. My company opened a plant in Mexico and people are afraid that it is just a matter of time before they shut us down and send our work there.

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael, how do you get games 1-5 to install on your computer? Is it an older model, or do you know some super-secret trick to getting the games to work on newer computers? I've been having a lot of trouble trying play ND games 1-6 on my Windows 8 computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!
P.S. I'm looking forward to the Nancy Drew Marathon! :)