Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Remember earlier this year, when I went on a Twitter rant about Tangled?  Yesterday, I did the same thing with Frozen.

After seeing the movie a second time, I'm a little disappointed with Elsa's snow powers.  She can use her powers to literally create anything she wants...but mainly, all she does is make Olaf.  That's a waste of god-like powers.

I'm also questioning the fact that Elsa wears a cocktail dress and high heels, when she lives in an ice palace.  Seriously, she is going to slip and fall and break her neck!  If I had the magic power to make clothing for myself, I would pick a more environment-appropriate outfit.

At the start of the movie, Grandpa Troll talks about Elsa's snow powers, and he says that she must learn to control them.  But for some reason, he doesn't bother to explain how to control them, even though he knows it (as the ending indicates).  What a jerk.

Another problem with the movie is that everyone knows about Queen Elsa, but literally no one recognizes Princess Anna.  True, she only meets a handful of people (Oaken, Prince Hans, Kristoff), but you think ONE of them would know who she is.  I mean, I can recognize the leader of my country.


C said...

If Elsa didn't have white hair, and she went outside one day, people probably wouldn't recognize her either. Why would anyone outside the palace - especially Hans from another kingdom - know what they look like? They've been shut in their entire lives - yes, Anna, too, even though she's not the one with powers. The leader of your country actually makes public appearances. Also, you have television and photographs. They know WHO Princess Anna is, but they don't have a face to go with the name, and vice versa.

And yeah, Pabbie isn't the most helpful. Maybe he didn't know. All he says is true love thaws a frozen heart. Maybe he didn't know that true love also thaws a magically-induced frozen kingdom - though he should have been able to extrapolate, yes. The trolls and the late King and Queen made poor misguided choices. That's the point. Plus, literally no one thought that 'true love' could mean anything other than romantic love until after Anna's sacrifice.

Elsa is royalty, and although she's shy, she's vain and fancy and fabulous. She just freed herself from her oppressive life - let her dress up if she wants to.

Why would she want/need to make anything other than Olaf and Marshmallow? Olaf was unintentional, and 'Mallow was to keep her isolated. And you do realize she has a whole live to live past the parameters of the movie - maybe she will make little snow things that perhaps the children can amuse themselves with.

Sassafras said...

It's an evening dress people. Cocktail dresses tend to be on the shorter side, and don't have trains.

I loved the casting of Frozen. Though maybe not so much the plot, because I felt like all the characters were very underdeveloped. And the plot was rather lacking in originality and depth.

Overall I think that Pixar hasn't made any really memorable movies since 'Ratatouille'. Personally I feel like Pixar hasn't really been putting as much thought and effort into their more recent films they've been bringing out, comparatively to their older films (i.e. Bug's Life, Toy Story trilogy, WallE.)

Is that just me, or does anyone else agree with me?

C said...

Frozen isn't Pixar.

C said...

And Wall-E is only 5 years old - it's newer than Ratatouille.