Sunday, January 26, 2014


The Superbowl is a week from now. I'm not a big fan of football, because of the huge wait in between games. I'd rather watch hockey, baseball or basketball, where the teams play multiple times a week, not just once a week.

Both teams get a week-long break before the Superbowl, which seems like too much for me.  I'd improve the football playoffs by making them like the other sports, with each round of the playoffs being a "best 4 out of 7" competition. Football's current "best 1 out of 1" setup is kind of harsh. I'm sure there are many teams who lost the playoffs, just because they had one bad game.

It takes three wins, to win the football playoffs. In the other sports, three wins doesn't get you out of Round One of the playoffs.

There's also the problem that most of a football game is timeouts and waiting for people to get into position.  Why do they run the clock, when players are getting into position?  You should run the clock when they are actually playing football.  Also, I have a hard time getting into the game, since the TV networks run commercial breaks after every single play.  Sorry, but it's hard to focus on a sport if they take three minute breaks every half-minute.


Mike York said...

Actually it's a two-week break. It's important to remember that the massive amount of contact that each player receives nearly every play is vastly more than that of any other sport. It takes a week for a player's body to recover. It's interesting to note that most of the games played on Thursday nights this year (with only four days rest) featured teams whose players were clearly not physically prepared to play football again. The week break is necessary to preserve the quality of the game.

Anonymous said...

Michael should make the rules about football because he is really smart.

Mike York said...

Further, regarding the clock, a lot of clock time runs so that teams can use it to their advantage. More clock stoppages would mean more plays run and the games would go on for four hours at least. More plays run means more trauma to each player's body and more injuries, resulting in, again, lower quality football. There's a good reason for every aspect of the game and brilliant men have put football together in a way that has made it the most popular sport in the nation. Michael, you are really smart, but leave the football rules to the pros.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but Michael is not only really smart, he is also a fan of Nancy Drew which puts him head and shoulders above anyone who knows anything about any subject.

Mike York said...

But I'm a fan of Nancy Drew, too! Where does that put me? ;)

Anonymous said...

Alongside Michael, -standing there, surrounded by millions of fans as we record walkthroughs all through the night.

Who knows, they might even scream OUR names too!

Also, you can make rules about football too.
Since you spell words correctly, it indicates that you are smart.
And, you just admitted that you are a fan of Nancy Drew.
So you are fully qualified to change the rules of football, just like me and Michael.

(I'm gonna make a new rule now! I hearby declare that all football players on the losing team have to sit through all the episodes ever created of My Little Pony. EVER.)

Unless one of them's a brony, in which case he has to watch all the barbie movies in order, start to finish. I think there are more than thirty movies now.