Thursday, January 23, 2014

Abortion Math

Last year, I did a little math on abortion rates. People were interested in this, so I thought I'd do it again.

Abortion was legalized in the United States in 1973. The population that year was 211,357,000 source: US Census Bureau).  Currently, the US population is 317,405,228 (source: US Population Clock).  So in the past 41 years, the population has gone up by 106,048,228 people.  During the same period of time, 57,043,095 children were aborted (source: US Abortion Counter).

The numbers haven't changed much from last year. It's still a 35-65 split, with 34.97% of children aborted, and 65.02% of children born.

Margins of Error:

1. I do not know if the abortion counter includes ectopic pregnancies, which make up 2% of all pregnancies.  Rape/incest has made up 690 of 71,000 abortions this year, or 0.97%.  So let's say there's a 3% margin of error, as those abortions most likely would have been performed, regardless of the legal status of abortion.

2. The increase in US population since 1973 is 106,048,228.  This is not the number of live births in the country, since it includes immigrants who became US citizens in the past 41 years.  The Census Bureau is saying we have over 40 million immigrants currently, and I've heard an estimate of 47 million deaths since 1973.  So unless someone knows where we can get statistics of the number of immigrants and the number of deaths since 1973, that'll give us an additional 3% margin of error.  I'm told many immigrants are not registered,'ll be a hard margin of error to reduce.


Anonymous said...

That is so crazy. I think there will be a day when abortion is illegal again. I am hopeful.:) Because I am pro-woman, pro-child, and pro-God.:) Just like how slavery was ended, God will help the unborn children overcome.:) God Bless, Michael.:)

Anonymous said...

How can you be pro-woman if you don't give the woman the chance to make her own choices?

Michael Gray said...

How can you be pro-woman, if you allow for female babies to be killed before birth? Granted, abortion for female babies is more of a problem in China than it is in the United States, but it's still a legitimate concern for the pro-woman crowd.

Anonymous said...

Why can't a woman just have privacy with her own body and her choices? I mean, if a woman decides to get the procedure for whatever reason (because it's none of my business!), earlier is better. I care more about the woman than the fetus, honestly. Do you feel sad about committing genocide every time you masturbate? Think of the children you could've created with that sperm!!!

Michael, it's easy for you to be pro-life when you're not the one getting pregnant. Biput I dunno. Maybe women should start demanding every men get vasectomy at the age of 40. Then maybe you'd understand the invasion of privacy.

Anne said...

I do find the obsession Americans have with abortion (and gays) interesting. I have only encountered that kind of religious fanaticism in the older generation here in England. I’ve never met an American, (except for passing tourists), but the religious fundamentalist attitude that is stereotyped about Americans seems to feed into this.

Anjali Vaid said...

I find the controversy of abortion... I don't know how to end that sentence. I just wanted to use he word controversy. Anyways, I'm pro-choice, but somewhat pro-life. I'm a little bit of both.

First of all, I get mad when people say that abortion is murder. The fetus can't process emotions or pain. They can't think, and it doesn't hurt them., so the stories people post in the fetus' point of view are completely wrong.

I do disagree with teens and irresponsible adults getting abortion. I think that if you want to have sex before you're married/ready to support a child, you should use proper protection instead of getting a could-have-been-avoided, completely unnecessary abortion.

I think that if you're raped, you should 100% be okay with getting an abortion. You didn't choose to be raped and therefore shouldn't be pressured by anybody to have the baby anyways, because you will not be ready to support the child and it will live a bad life.

If you do get pregnant after using protection, I suggest abortion as the last possible choice.

If you do get an abortion, I strongly suggest getting it in the earliest part of the pregnancy possible, to avoid the fetus getting hurt or you to get sad when the baby is aborted.

Sorry I wrote quite a bit of an essay about this. I just wanted to express my opinion about the issue. By the way, I wanted to see, what age do you think I am by the (hopefully you agree) maturity of my response.

SPOILER ALERT: I'm twelve years old.