Sunday, December 29, 2013

Worst of Blackmoor Manor, Chapter 9

Here is Chapter 9 of my parody story, Nancy Drew: Worst of Blackmoor Manor. I am doing a really good job of updating this story twice a week!  I should get a gold star or something. Anyway, in today's chapter, Nancy oversees the weird ritual and explores the gargoyle passageway.

Nigel's memoirs were the most boring thing Nancy had ever read. At least a third of it was dedicated to the weather, and the middle contained a 20-page digression about the texture of pudding.
When Nancy finally finished with her job, she found a note from Nigel, thanking her for her work. Attached to it was a photograph of Corbin's coat of arms, which had marks on the right and left.
Those indicate the directions I have to turn the gargoyle, Nancy immediately realized.
Nancy's body suddenly made it known to her that it was well past midnight. Yawning, she got up and opened the library doors.
She stumbled upon an incredibly strange scene. The manor was darkened, with the only light source coming from a candle in Ethel's hand. Ethel was standing behind Jane, and the two of them were walking down the stairs.
Nancy hid behind a pillar to watch. Jane and Ethel were wearing elaborate jewelry, and they slowly chanted, "No key without toil. No fire without oil."
They stopped at the center of the room, and Jane said, "My actions ensure that my name will the end..."
Jane's hands moved, and Nancy could see she was pouring some sort of liquid on the ground. "Penvellyn," Jane whispered. Ethel looked on, smiling.
The two of them then returned to Jane's room, chatting happily as they did so.
"That was the freakiest thing I've ever seen," Nancy said. She checked her phone to see that it was 3:15 AM. When she walked forward, she saw that there was a drain in the middle of the floor she hadn't noticed before. Nancy sniffed; it smelled like the liquid Jane poured into the drain was oil.
"In the middle of the night, Ethel and Jane dress up and start chanting, so they can pour oil down a drain," Nancy said. "Forget solving the mystery of Linda being sick and grumpy, this is the real mystery at Blackmoor Manor!"
Nancy went upstairs to confront Jane and Ethel, but the two of them had disappeared. Confused and tired, Nancy went to her room and fell asleep.
The next day, Jane's room was locked because she was in lessons, so Nancy couldn't get inside. She decided to investigate the gargoyle instead. She spun it according to the directions on Corbin's coat of arms, and a huge section of the wall retracted.
"Whoa!" Nancy said. "Pretty complex technology for a guy who lived in the 1600's!"
She stepped into the newly-opened area, which was a little dark. She used her phone to light up the area. Along the right wall was a peephole. Nancy peered inside, and it showed her Linda's room. Specifically, it gave a view of Linda's desk.
Kind of a pointless peephole, Nancy thought.
That's when Linda's hairy hand came into view and picked up her bottle of skin moisturizer. Nancy gave a small scream. Linda was coarse and hairy like a werewolf!
Backing away from the peephole, Nancy saw that the only other part of the room was a plaque on the door to the left. The plaque said that something bad would happen to the curious wanderer who was not clever enough to solve the riddle.
"Linda didn't tell me about any riddle," Nancy said to herself.
The riddle was simple enough: Nancy had to spell out Elinor's name in runes, using the tiles below the plaque. The problem was that Nancy didn't know anything about runes. She took a few pictures of the available tiles with her phone's camera, then she left the hidden room.

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