Thursday, December 26, 2013

Worst of Blackmoor Manor, Chapter 8

Here is Chapter 8 of my parody story, Nancy Drew: Worst of Blackmoor Manor. Today, Nancy meets Nigel.

Nancy left Linda's room and examined the gargoyle in the corner. She could move it left and right, by 90 degrees. After trying out a few patterns, Nancy decided there had to be a clue for the puzzle somewhere.
Nancy decided to ask Loulou for more information, when she made an amazing discovery.
"Whoa!" Nancy said. "There's a downstairs part to the manor!"
Nancy slid down the banister and examined the lower floor. It had six ornate pillars, a maze design on the floor, and a lot of portraits. One of them instantly caught Nancy's eye.
"Ha ha, look at the guy with the funny hat!" she said.
Nancy then noticed a portrait of a man standing by the upstairs gargoyle. This was the only portrait without a coat of arms. Nancy figured this was some sort of clue, but she didn't know what it meant. She decided to ask someone for more information.
There were four doors in the downstairs area, not including the front door to the manor. Nancy went through the one on the right, and she found herself in a library. A dark-skinned man sat at a desk, typing madly.
"Ah, are you from the agency?" he asked. "It's about time."
"Agency? What?"
"Oh, dear, you're not here to help me," the man said. He adjusted his glasses as he turned his focus from the computer to Nancy. "How do you do, I'm Nigel Mookerjee?"
"I'm Nancy Drew. I'm a detective who is here to investigate what's wrong with Linda."
"I'm a historian, researching the Penvellyn family history for a new book I'm writing. Mrs. Drake has graciously opened up the library for me. Not much has been written about the Penvellyns, until now."
"Oh, neat," Nancy said. "I had some questions about the Pennyvennys. For starters, what's up with the weather forecaster person?"
"I'm sorry, to whom are you referring?"
"You know, the guy who always predicted when it would rain," Nancy said. "My parents used to sing to me about him, when I was younger. Ranulf the Red knows rain, dear."
"Ranulf the Red is the family's progenitor," Nigel said. "It is rumored that he had a magic meteorite, which allowed him to win every battle he fought. The government granted him this land, in recognition of his military accomplishments."
"And what about the witch lady?"
"You must be referring to Elinor Penvellyn, who was burned at the stake in 1650."
"Did she really leave the Curse of Blackmoor Manor?"
"Ha ha, no!" Nigel said. "Most historians agree that her death was ordered by Cromwell for political reasons."
Nancy smiled. She knew Linda wasn't really cursed. "So she didn't turn anyone into a werewolf."
"That is still unclear," Nigel said. "After her husband disappeared, a large beast was seen prowling the moor at night, and she forbade anyone from hunting it. Some say it was her husband, whom she cursed for finding out too much about the Penvellyn family secret. Others say her husband was in France at the time. I doubt we'll ever learn the truth."
"I have one last question," Nancy said, not wanting to waste Nigel's time. "Who is the person in great hall with the gargoyle?"
"That would be Corbin Penvellyn, Elinor's grandson. It is rumored that he returned to Blackmoor, so he could secretly continue her experiments in the mystical arts."
"Why doesn't he have a coat of arms?"
"He does. It's in France," Nigel said. "I can get you a copy of it, if you help me out."
Nancy frowned. It sounded like she was going to be forced to do someone else's chores again. "Sure, what do you want?"
"I'm in dire need of a typist," Nigel said. "I wrote out my memoirs by hand, and I need to have them entered into the computer, so I can send it to publishers."
"That doesn't sound so bad," Nancy said.
Nigel pulled out a stack of 400 pieces of paper. "Fantastic! You can start now!"


Jonathan said...

my question is what would you say if someone yelled nancy drew is stupid?

Anonymous said...

Nancy almost threw up at the sight of the memoirs, but gave a pained smile and said she'd get to work right away.
"S...? Where's the S around here? I know it has to be on this key board somwhere..." Nancy muttered as she searched.
After having typed the first half of the first paragraph, a whole hour had gone by and Nancy was exausted.
She decided that that was quite enough for one day, and that she'd continue tomorrow. As she clicked out of Nigel's weird Word-lookalike program, she spotted an icon entitled; Snoogle.
"Hah! Seems like Nigel's too cheap to buy any real programs, -all he has are fakes!" She said.
Her tiredness gone, Nancy started playing around on the internet for a while. She even stumbled across a website called 'Herinteractive'.
At around midnight, when Nancy had been playing connect 15 for an hour, she noticed an ad to the side of her screen. It was advertising a site that could track down any family crest.
"Great! This'll get me out of working for Nigel!"

And she cilcked.

Sorry Michael! I couldn't resist writing this!