Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Worst of Blackmoor Manor, Chapter 6

Here is Chapter 6 of my parody story, Nancy Drew: Worst of Blackmoor Manor. Today, Nancy makes progress on the hidden passageway puzzle, and she meets Loulou the Parrot.
Nancy fell over in fright and started crying to herself for nine minutes, until she got the strength to get back up again. That's when she learned the mysterious voice...
...was a parrot.
"Hahahahahah!" the parrot said. "Scared you, scared you!"
"That wasn't very nice, Mrs. Parrot!"
"My name is Loulou! Loulou! LOULOU LOULOU LOULOU LOULOU!"
"Okay, I get it! Your name is Loulou!"
"Loulou. Loulou."
"So, Lou, can you help me solve this mystery?" Nancy asked.
"NOT LOU! Loulou! LOULOU! Loooooulooooou!"
Nancy scoffed. "I'll just solve this mystery on my own," she said, sounding way too confident for someone who had no idea what she was doing.
The door to the East Hall had a fancy plaque on it. Nancy examined it, then opened the door. The room itself was rather empty, besides for a gargoyle statue, a hat rack, a framed photograph of Mrs. Drake and her brother meeting the Queen, and a dragon.
"Yay, dragon!" Nancy said. She played around with the dragon statuette, and to her surprise, the hands moved. Nancy instantly recognized this as a puzzle, in which she had to position the hands to match the plaque on the door.
Nah, I'm just kidding. Nancy played around with the dragon for about twenty seconds, and she stumbled on the solution by pure luck. The dragon growled, and the back wall of the room ascended into the ceiling, revealing a dark passageway.
Nancy walked to the edge of the passageway and looked inside. "Hmmm...it's too dark for me to go exploring," she said. "I'm going to need a flashlight."
Nancy turned to leave, but she tripped over her untied shoelaces and fell sideways into the passageway. She tried getting back up, but she tripped again and fell down three sets of stairs. When she opened her eyes again, Nancy found herself in complete darkness.
"No! How will I escape?!" Nancy said. "I'm going to be trapped in this dark, bottomless pit FOREVER!"
Dramatic music played after this dire proclamation.
"Oh, wait, I have a cell phone," Nancy said, pulling the device out of her pocket. She used the glow from the screen as a sort-of flashlight, and it let her see the stairs that led to the exit. More importantly, Nancy say a plaque.
It wasn't the plaque she was looking for, sadly. Instead of a curse, this plaque had a picture of Loulou on it, with the word "barber" on top. At the bottom were some movable tiles, which allowed her to enter her own word.
Nancy left the hidden passageway, walking very carefully up the stairs. When she was back in the hallway, she found Loulou. "Hey, Loulou! What does the word 'barber' mean?"
"Get a dictionary! Dictionary! *squawk*"
"No, I mean...the hidden passageway has some sort of word thing with your picture on it," Nancy said. "It's currently set to 'barber'."
"Loulou's magic word game! Loulou's magic word game!"
"Aha!" Nancy said. "How do I play the magic word game?"
"Tell Loulou the magic word."
"Nope! That is incorrect! Loulou want magic word. Magic word, magic word! A deal's a deal."
Nancy sighed. She was used to being bossed around by other people, but being bossed around by a parrot? This was a new low for her. "All right, I'll try to find your magic word..."


Anonymous said...

It would be hilariously wonderful if Lani Minella could voice all your ND parodies.

Anonymous said...

I love this! :D

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