Monday, December 16, 2013

Worst of Blackmoor Manor, Chapter 5

Today, we have Chapter 5 of my parody story, Nancy Drew: Worst of Blackmoor Manor. Nancy meets Ethel and gets the key to the East Hall. I'm pretty sure you readers can figure out who is responsible for the cliffhanger.
"I'm Jane's tutor," Ethel said. "Jane is very excited you're visiting. You're all she's talked about for the past month."
"Really? I didn't know I had a fan club out here."
"Yes, we are very...interested in what you will discover here at Blackmoor," Ethel said. "But a word of caution. Only the initiates are allowed to discover Ranulf the Red's secret."
"Ranulf the Red Nosed Reindeer?" Nancy asked.
"Keep your search focused on Linda. There is no need for you to go exploring elsewhere. Why, who knows what terrible things could happen to you, were you to venture outside the safety of these halls?"
"...Is that a threat?"
"It was a pleasure meeting you, Nancy. Our paths will cross again, I'm sure."
Ethel then used her creepy ninja powers to disappear in a flash of smoke. In reality, all she did was walk away, but Nancy wasn't really paying attention, so it looked like Ethel vanished.
Nancy marched over to Jane's room and threw open the door. "Jane, you have the creepiest tutor ever!" Nancy declared.
"Miss Ethel isn't so bad," Jane said. "She's mostly just strict. And she makes me do all this boring homework. I'd much rather play games all day."
"Me too," Nancy said. "So I followed up on that lead you gave me, about the Lady in Black. It turns out that she appeared right after Linda explored a hidden passageway."
"You mean the one by the East Hall?" Jane asked.
"Uh...yeah! The hidden passageway in the East Hall, which I totally know about!" Nancy said. "But, hypothetically, if I didn't know about it, how would I get inside."
"You need the key, but if you want it, you'll have to play a game with me. That's the rule."
Or I could borrow a key from one of the adults who live here, Nancy thought. "Okay, what's your game?"
Jane pulled out a game named Bul, which Nancy played in Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand. "I got this from a neat museum in the states, with this weirdo who was always talking about aliens and diet cola. The goal of your game is land on the other player's pieces."
It took three years for Nancy to win the game, or that's what it felt like. The game didn't require her to do anything besides press the "roll" button over and over again. It wasn't very exciting.
As a reward for winning, Nancy got the key to the East Hall. "It's not a very interesting secret passageway. You're going to be totally bored," Jane said. "Wouldn't you rather play a game with me instead?"
Oh, I'm not falling for that again! Nancy decided.
Out of spite, Nancy stole a book from Jane's room. The book was entitled Lycanthropes and You: What To Do When Someone You're Investigating Is Turning Into a Centuries Old Werewolf. Nancy put the book in her bag, and she promptly forgot about it.
After that, Nancy walked over the East Hall. As she rounded the corner, a voice cried out, "We're going to hurt you, Nancy Drew!"

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Ethel is a wizard or something. That would explain how she disappears.