Monday, December 9, 2013

Worst of Blackmoor Manor, Chapter 3

Here's Chapter 3 of my parody story, Nancy Drew: Worst of Blackmoor Manor. Today, Nancy meets Jane and talks with Mrs. Petrov.


As Nancy exited Linda's room, she got a phone call from Mrs. Petrov.

"Hello, Nancy. It's Mrs. Petrov. How are things going?  Have you seen Linda yet?"

"I just spoke with her," Nancy said.

"Great!  Have you solved the mystery of why she's grumpy and refuses to talk to everyone?"


"Why not?"

"Because she's grumpy, and she refuses to talk to me!" Nancy said.  "This could be my hardest mystery yet!"

"You can do it, Nancy. I believe in you," Mrs. Petrov said.  "And I'm not paying for your flight back home until you solve the mystery."

"I've only been here ten minutes!  Cut me some slack!" Nancy said. "I'm sure I'll figure out what's wrong with Linda.  What did the doctors say?"

"They say she's perfectly healthy, besides for some dry skin, which is not unusual for her.  But she's not acting like the daughter I know and love!  Something has changed her, Nancy.  Something in that house!  I don't know if it's the Blackmoor Beast or what, just figure it out!"

"The Blackmoor Beast?"

"It's a local legend.  People say there's a wolflike creature which protects Blackmoor Manor and keeps strangers away.  When I mentioned it to Linda, she changed the subject immediately."

"Hmmm..." Nancy said.  "I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the help, Mrs. Petrov."

"Goodbye, Nancy."

Nancy hung up the phone.  She didn't know much about the Blackmoor Beast, but she remembered seeing a Disney movie about a monstrous Beast who lived in a spooky castle.  The Beast kidnapped the best-looking woman in town by holding her father hostage.  Also, there were singing candles.

Maybe the Beast is holding Linda's father hostage! Nancy thought to herself.

She went to Jane's room, knocked on the door, then let herself in. Jane looked just like the picture Nancy had seen: gangly and pale, with large eyes. "Hi, you must be Nancy! I'm so glad you're here! Let's play a game!" Jane said breathlessly.

"Um...not right now. Maybe later," Nancy said. "I'd like to ask about Linda, if I could."

"Sure, what do you want to know about Mummy? She's been a bit out of sorts lately. I do hope you'll cheer her up!"

"I tried, but it didn't work," Nancy said. "Has she always acted like this?"

"No, she was fine when she moved in here," Jane said. "But she started feeling poorly after I saw...the Lady in Black."


"Some Lady dressed in all black snuck into the manor one night and left a note on Mummy's nightstand. That's when Mummy started feeling poorly."

A new suspect! Nancy thought. "The Lady in Black is responsible for Linda's odd behavior? Who is she?"

"I couldn't see her face, because she wore a cape with a hood," Jane said. "I don't want to talk about it, though. Let's play a game!"

"Sure, what games do you have?"

"I have Go Fish!" Jane said proudly.



"Oh, gee, look at the time!" Nancy said. "Mrs. Drake said she wanted to speak with me! See you later, Jane!"

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Anonymous said...

This is great! I loved the part about Beauty and the Beast. :D