Monday, December 30, 2013

Worst of Blackmoor Manor, Chapter 10

Here is Chapter 10 of my parody story, Nancy Drew: Worst of Blackmoor Manor. Today, Nancy solves the runes puzzle and meets Mrs. Drake.

Nancy vaguely recalled seeing runes on the study guide in Jane's room, so she knocked on the door there.
"We're in lessons right now!" Ethel called.
"I need to borrow Jane's book on runes."
"You can get it when the lessons are over."
"You have time to do freaky rituals at 3:15 in the morning, but you don't have time to loan me a book?" Nancy said in her sassiest voice. There was a moment of tense silence after this, then the door opened slightly. Nancy smirked in victory.
Ethel threw the book directly at Nancy's head, then slammed the door in her face. Nancy fell over when the book smashed into her eyeball.
"Ow!" Nancy said. "Thanks for the book, but be more gentle next time!"
Nancy picked up the book and flipped to the section on letters. She took it to the hidden gargoyle passageway and spelled out the name "Elinor". This caused a doorway to open on the wall opposite of Linda's room.
"There's a hidden passageway in the hidden passageway?" Nancy wondered. She wandered through the doorway and soon found herself falling down several flights of stairs.
"Ow ow ow!" Nancy cried.
Figuring she was underneath the house now, she got off of the ground and explored. The hallway had smooth blank walls, probably because no one ever visited this part of the manor. Nancy marveled at how clean and dust-free the ancient passageways were, when she came to a dead end.
In the corner of the wall was a metal plate with a triangle on the cover. She opened the cover to see a series of six triangles. She fiddled around with them until they were all facing upwards, like the triangle on the cover.
When she was done...nothing happened.
"This is boring," she said. She turned around and climbed the stairs, only falling twice along the way. Soon, she was back inside the well-lit hallways of Blackmoor Manor. Nancy stood up straight. She was finally ready
What was she supposed to do, again?
Nancy opened up her task list and started checking off the things she had already done. She stopped when she saw the first item on the list, "Check in with Mrs. Drake once I unpack."
"Oh, jeez, I was supposed to meet with Mrs. Drake when I first arrived!" Nancy said. She stuffed her notebook into her purse and ran down to the bottom floor of Blackmoor Manor. She tried the wrong door, before finding the door to the conservatory.
Nancy was impressed by the change of scenery. The conservatory was humid and full of plants. It was well-lit, and as Nancy walked down the stairs, she saw an admirable concrete pond with a fancy frog tile decoration above it. On the far end of the room, away from the stairs, Mrs. Drake was watering plants.
"Hey, Mrs. Drake!" Nancy said.
"All settled in? Good. I know how much you teenagers love your televisions and loud stereos, so I must insist that you act civilly and quietly while you are visiting Linda. Jane is having her lessons, and she mustn't be disturbed," Mrs. Drake lectured.
"Got it. Anything else I should know?"
"The kitchen is being remodeled, so if you wish to eat something, you will have to order it from the a local pub. The phone line has been set up in your room. Feel free to order whatever you'd like."
"Ooo, great, I haven't eaten anything in over two days," Nancy said.
Mrs. Drake looked at her strangely.


bug2506 said...

I love the part where Nancy says she hasn't eaten anything in two days and Mrs. Drake just looks at her strangely. I can really imagine her doing that in The Curse of Blackmoor Manor game.

Anonymous said...

Yes I always thought it strange when Nancy didn't eat in some games for several days. How does she have the energy?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:18, maybe Nancy has energy globules like Prof. Hotchkiss.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:19 0.0 That must be it. Where can I get those?