Thursday, December 12, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. The big bookstore here in Portland was able to confirm for me that the ghostwriter for Nancy Drew Diaries #2: Strangers on a Train (Feb. 2013) is a woman named Kekla Magoon. Sadly, Kekla's website isn't working right now, so I can't learn more about her.

They were unable to confirm the identity of any other Nancy Drew ghostwriters. Still, I'm impressed they managed to track down even one.

2. Speaking of Nancy Drew Diaries, the pricing of these books is a little crazy. $5.99 for paperback edition, and $15.99 for hardcover.  Yikes!  That's almost triple the price!  The two editions have different jackets.  Their pages have the same width, but the hardcover's pages are slightly taller, with a larger font size.

3.  You'd expect the eBooks to be cheaper, because they don't come with printing costs like the other editions.  Nope!  The eBook is $5.99.

Remember 2004, when Nancy Drew Girl Detective: Without a Trace was sold for $0.99?  Those were good times.

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Katie said...

This is why libraries are so great. :)