Saturday, December 7, 2013

Nancy Drew Newsletter

Yesterday, Her Interactive released the Nancy Drew Newsletter for December!  They're having a Christmas sale, and new Silent Spy merchandise is available in their store.

They're having two different contests right now!  One is a cookie contest, which sounds delicious!  The other is a laptop contest--win a laptop that has all 29 Nancy Drew games preinstalled on it! The two Nancy Drew Dossier games are also included.

The final piece of news is a letter from the CEO of Her Interactive, Stuart Moulder.  He mentions that they are planning on releasing a Nancy Drew game for mobile devices, early in 2014.  Personally, I am super-excited for this.  I wonder what it could be!  I'd be happy, even if it was something simple like "play Nancy Drew's cell phone games on your own cell phone".  I mean, the ability to play Land Rush on my cell phone?  Yes, please.


Nigel said...

Are you going to make cookies for the contest?

Alexandra Winner said...

That is so exciting! I want Nancy Drew on my phone!!!

Anonymous said...

I would really love it if some of the mini-games in the series were available as apps. I hate having to play them in the games, but on their own they're really entertaining and addictive! That's what their Kickstarter should have been.

Amy M. said...

Hey Michael, when I was watching your Pajama Sam videos the other day, I noticed there are Pajama Sam 1 (No need to hide when there's dark outside) and Pajama Sam 2 (Thunder and Lighting, aren't so frighting) on the iPod Touch! I don't know if it's on the iPad or other mobile devices but I installed the demos and I loved it! I thought you might want to check them out! :)