Saturday, December 28, 2013

Nancy Drew Book Reviews

Here are my new Nancy Drew book reviews!  They're for the two-part opener of the 2013 Nancy Drew Diaries series. As promised, I changed the format a bit; they're shorter and no longer contain large chunks of me reading to the camera.

I had a minor Twitter contest to get pictures for these videos.  For example, Nancy's friends Bess and George (below) are actually two of my Twitter followers. Congratulations to all seven winners!

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CvilleTed said...

Thanks for these reviews! Wow, I wondered what was wrong with the series and realized the books are double spaced! Crappy way to start the series, as a two book story. Why not start the mystery in River Heights, get readers acquainted with this version of Nancy and her life and town. Nancy and her friends seem pretty disinterested and moody. Are they trying to make Nancy too "cool"? I hate kids like this and I sure don't want to read about htem!