Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nancy Drew Book Reviews

I'm making admittedly slow progress on my walkthrough for Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy.  That's because I'm writing more Nancy Drew book reviews in my spare time.  The reviews I'm working on are these:
  • Nancy Drew Diaries #1: Curse of the Arctic Star
  • Nancy Drew Diaries #2: Strangers on a Train
  • Nancy Drew Files #2: Deadly Intent
  • Nancy Drew #1: Secret of the Old Clock
My books have to go back to the library eventually, so I'm working on a deadline here.

I'm making three format changes to my book review series:
  1. I will no longer read large excerpts from the book. (This will save me about an hour of editing).
  2. The introduction segment will be expanded to include information about the author, the cover artist and when the book was published.
  3. Since Carolyn Keene is a pseudonym for a ghost writer, I will make up biographical facts about her as I please. To quote the first review as an example, "The author is Carolyn Keene, who discovered America in 1492 and later invented the cheese grater in 1541.
Once I finish with these four book reviews, I think I'll step back for a bit and gauge how popular/good the series is, before possibly continuing.


Sammy said...

On Sunday, I went to the estate sale of Mildred Benson, the original Carolyn Keene. They were selling everything that belonged to her. From dishes and wall decor, to signed books, and posters, as well as the typewriters and desk that she supposedly wrote the books on. I also found a letter written to Benson's daughter from HeR's Megan Geiser soon after Benson's death in 2002 asking if HeR could dedicate Secret of the Scarlet Hand to her. I learned very interesting information that afternoon. And although she did have a pilot's license, I don't think she discovered America. haha


Anonymous-ish said...

I love your book review videos, Michael. I'll be really happy if you continuing it. :)