Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I want to do a Nancy Drew livestream event on New Year's Eve this year.

YouTube has a new "live events" feature, and I have no idea how it works.  Is this something worth checking into, or should I stick with the other livestream website I've used in the past?

Once I get the logistics worked out, I'll probably make a video about the livestream, to let people know what's up.


Sammy said...

If you do it on YouTube, will it automatically upload it to your channel? If so, that might be the way to go, but I don't think it really matters to us. What game do you plan on playing? ~Sam

Anonymous said...

Can't wait!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Sammy, from what I can tell they do upload to your channel automatically so people can watch them later.

Something you should note though is that I think the live events only last 4 hours. Or maybe that is if you use Google hangout. You should check before you get started.

Emmy Holthe said...

Micheal, I have some bad news. It is a blopw on all fans of Nancy Drew. The upcoming game, Midnight In Salem, the voice of our favorite girl detective... IS BEING REPLACED!!!!! NEED MORE INFORMATION! WHAT IS GOING ON!?